Great Admirals

Command at Sea, 1587-1945
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Published:August 29, 1997
By Jack Sweetman (Editor)

Combining scholarship with readability, this collection of nineteen biographical essays has been written by a distinguished international team of naval historians in a style readily accessible to the general reader. It examines admirals of many navies, from the advent of the gun-armed sailing ship onward, who gave naval combat a recognizably modern form. The theme is leadership in war at sea. Each essay treats an admiral who held command in battle, exploring the combination of personal attributes and professional experience that shaped the admiral's leadership, and analyzing a battle in which that leadership can be observed in action.

Only admirals who flew their flags in battle are included. They are presented in chronological order, beginning with Drake, continuing with Tromp, Blake, de Ruyter, Hawke, Juel, Suffren, Nelson, Miaoulis, Farragut, Tegetthoff, Dewey, Togo, Jellicoe, Scheer, Cunningham, Yamamoto, Spruance, and Halsey. Complementing their biographies are nearly forty illustrations, including seldom-seen portraits, and more than thirty maps and charts drawn especially for the book. Six surveys by the editor trace the evolution of the instruments and conditions of naval warfare and link the admirals to their eras. As a whole, the work provides a panoramic treatment of command at sea under the changing circumstances of naval combat since early modern times.

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Jack Sweetman is the author, coauthor, translator, editor or coeditor of ten books and many shorter pieces in the field of naval and military history. He served as a company commander in the U.S. Army and was a Ford Fellow at Emory University, where he earned his Ph. D. For many years contributing editor of Naval History magazine, he is a recipient of the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He lives in Orlando, FL.

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