Black Shoe Carrier Admiral

Frank Jack Fletcher at Coral Sea, Midway, and Guadalcanal
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Published:February 15, 2013
By Lundstrom John B. (Author)

This is the first paperback edition of the revisionist work about Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher, who won his battles at sea but lost the war of public opinion. A surface warrior, Fletcher led the carrier forces in the Pacific that won against all odds at Coral Sea, Midway, and the Eastern Solomon’s. Despite these successes, during the post-war Fletcher had become one of the most controversial figures in U.S. naval history and was portrayed as a timid bungler who failed to relieve Wake Island and who deliberately abandoned the Marines at Guadalcanal.

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  • Subject: World War II
  • Paperback : 672 pages
  • Illustrations: 27 b/w photos; 38 maps
  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (February 15, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1591144191
  • ISBN-13: 9781591144199
  • Product Dimensions: 7 X 10 in
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  • “It is very difficult to turn around a half century of conventional wisdom, but John Lundstrom has done it. In a careful but readable way, he has proved that Adm. Jack Fletcher deserves to be remembered as a hero and not a goat.” --Evan Thomas, author of Sea of Thunder

John B. Lundstrom is the author of several books on the Pacific War, including The First Team and The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign. He is the recipient of the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature, the Hook Contributor’s Award and the Admiral Arthur W. Radford Award by the National Aviation Museum. He is a resident of Milwaukee, WI.

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Black Shoe Carrier Admiral
This is the first paperback edition of the revisionist work about Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher, who...Read More

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Black Shoe Carrier Admiral
Thursday, April 5, 2007
By: a ames
John Lundstrom is the leading authority on the Naval Air War in the Pacific and has produced his most important work with this book. The leadership provided by Adm Fletcher in the vital first ten months of the Pacific War earns him a high place in our countries history. The sad truth is he has never recieved his proper due. Those who came after and had a much easier road to follow garnered the accolades while Fletcher was shunted aside and maligned by post war "historians" who were no where to be seen when the real battles were being fought. This is a look at the early, crucial battles of the Pacific War as they were fought by a real fighter and leader. John Lundstrom should be proud of this book and the Naval Institute should be proud of having published it. Anyone with a serious interest in the Pacific War should read this. Allan Ames Hawley, PA


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