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Lessons from Polar and Space Exploration
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781591148302
  • Binding: Paperback & eBook
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 408
  • Subject: Psychology
  • Date Available: January 2011
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Advance praise for Bold Endeavors

“Stuster certainly has done a remarkable job of research, which I hope may be very useful to future expeditions on and off the Earth.” —Arthur C. Clarke

“Stuster has written an exceptional book that covers the exploits of explorers, military personnel, scientists, and astronauts in long-duration confinement and isolation.”—Leonard DavidSpace News

“You’ll find yourself living in a 9-by-13-foot hut in Antarctica with Admiral Richard E. Byrd, enjoying a theme dinner on a U.S. Navy submarine, and exercising on a Skylab treadmill. You’ll witness what drives men crazy and what makes them strong. You’ll see qualities of leaders and survivors. . . . Bold Endeavors is a must-have for anyone seriously contemplating sending humans on long-duration space missions. It’s also a great historical read.” —Kerri DowdFinal Frontier

This classic reference is considered the best single source of information on how to facilitate human adjustment and performance in long-term isolation. It is filled with exciting stories of survival—the exploits of explorers, military personnel, scientists and astronauts—along with expert analyses of failed expeditions and lessons learned. Jack Stuster identifies the principles of habitability and presents more than 200 specific recommendations to help individuals in confinement.

The book's recommendations and habitability principles are relevant to a variety of space and earthbound conditions, including polar, underwater, and underground, exploration and habitation. In fact, nearly all human relationships that involve small groups of people living and working together in isolated areas can benefit from this study. Stuster's goal is to help others avoid behavioral problems that affect performance, often with tragic consequences.

Jack Stuster, vice president and principal scientist of a behav­ioral sciences research firm, specializes in the measurement and enhance­ment of human performance in extreme environments. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA.



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