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May 26 2010

Navy Needs F-35's Capabilities, Admiral Says Top Stories - Wed, 2010-05-26 00:00
The Navy needs the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter's fifth-generation capabilities, said the service's acting director of air warfare May 24.
May 26 2010

Pakistan's Opinionated Media Landscape

At War - Wed, 2010-05-26 00:00
Pakistanis have a seemingly insatiable appetite for political news, but it's being fed more often than not by opinion, rather than fact-based journalism.
May 26 2010

FS Niv?se Saves Nordneptun from Pirates

Maritime News - Security - Wed, 2010-05-26 00:00
A helicopter from the EU NAVFOR warship FS Nivocircse was launched against a pirate skiff leading to the disruption of a pirate attack against the merchant vessel Nordneptun off Zanzibar.
May 24 2010

Coast Guard Chief Sticks With BP

The Wall Street Journal - - Mon, 2010-05-24 00:00
Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen said today that he would not recommend shoving aside BP despite Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's suggestion that the government would "push BP out of the way" if it didn't stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and adequately
May 24 2010

US Navy Destroyer Locates Pirated Vessel Top Stories - Mon, 2010-05-24 00:00
USS McFaul (DDG 74), a U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, located the pirated M/V Iceberg I off the coast of Somalia with up to 50 pirates and more than 20 crew members on board May 24.
May 23 2010

Warship FS Niv?se Fire Fight with Pirates

Maritime News - Security - Sun, 2010-05-23 00:00
EU NAVFOR warship returned fire after being shot at, outside of Mogadishu harbor May 20.
May 21 2010

ACB Awarded USCG Security Boat Contract

Maritime News - Vessels - Fri, 2010-05-21 00:00
ACB has been awarded a $37.7m, five-year contract to provide the U.S. Coast Guard up to 80 Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSB).
May 20 2010

Thoughts from Gen. Mattis

Small Wars Council - Thu, 2010-05-20 00:00
He makes some good points about over reliance on technology.
May 19 2010

Afghanistan's Might-Have Been

Foreign Policy - Wed, 2010-05-19 00:00
Former presidential hopeful Abdullah Abdullah tells Washington that supporting Hamid Karzai and doing right by Afghanistan aren't the same thing.
May 19 2010

Missile Defense Agency Responds to New York Times Article

Small Wars Council - Wed, 2010-05-19 00:00
Missile Defense Agency Responds to New York Times Article


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