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Jun 28 2011

Taiwan Supersonic Missile Test Flops

Defense News – Naval - Tue, 2011-06-28 14:01
Taiwan's defense ministry on June 28 confirmed reports that a new supersonic anti-ship missile had missed its target during a routine naval drill in the latest in a series of setbacks.
Jun 27 2011

Sweeping Reforms Proposed at U.K. Defense Ministry

Defense News – Naval - Mon, 2011-06-27 22:01
Service chiefs would be given control of their own budgets and a new Joint Forces Command would be formed as part of radical changes proposed for the British Ministry of Defense.
Jun 27 2011

Iran Unveils Underground Missile Silo: State TV

Defense News – Naval - Mon, 2011-06-27 22:01
Iran's Revolutionary Guards on June 27 unveiled an "underground missile silo," which it said will allow the launch of the country's long-range ballistic missiles, state television reported.
Jun 26 2011

Karzai: Pakistan firing missiles into Afghanistan

The Washington Times - Sun, 2011-06-26 12:26
Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday accused Pakistan of firing 470 rockets into two eastern Afghan provinces over the past three weeks.
Jun 23 2011

Americans Shift to More Negative View of Libya Military Action

Gallup - Thu, 2011-06-23 23:00
Americans are more likely to disapprove (46%) than approve (39%) of the U.S. military action in Libya. This marks a shift from a prior reading just after the NATO action began, when Americans approved by 47% to 37%.
Jun 23 2011

Mullen sees risk in quicker Afghanistan withdrawal

The Washington Times - Thu, 2011-06-23 13:53
The U.S. military's top officer told Congress on Thursday that President Obama's decision to withdraw up to 33,000 troops from Afghanistan is risky but keeps the country on a path toward stability.
Jun 22 2011

Americans Most Confident in Military, Least in Congress

Gallup - Wed, 2011-06-22 23:00
Gallup's annual update on confidence in institutions finds Americans expressing the most confidence in the military and the least in Congress.
Jun 22 2011

Panetta carries political baggage to Pentagon

The Washington Times - Wed, 2011-06-22 19:37
Defense Secretary-designate Leon E. Panetta faces an early test on defense spending when he takes office.Whichever way he goes, the Pentagon can expect to see a change in style.
Jun 20 2011

Americans See Army, Marines as Most Important

Gallup - Mon, 2011-06-20 23:00
Americans believe the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are most important to national defense, followed in order by the Air Force and Navy. Prior to the Iraq war, Americans said the Air Force was the most important service.
Jun 19 2011

AP: Pakistanis again tip off militants

The Washington Times - Sun, 2011-06-19 12:44
In another blow to Washington's relationship with Pakistan, U.S. officials say Pakistan failed another test to prove it could be trusted by tipping off militants at two more bomb-building factories.


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