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Sep 9 2015

Russian troops join combat in Syria amid U.S. concern over military buildup

The Washington Times - World - Wed, 2015-09-09 13:10
Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria in support of government forces, three Lebanese sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
Sep 8 2015

Marines’ mixing of men and women in combat experiment gets mixed results

Virginian-Pilot - Tue, 2015-09-08 21:06
Over the past nine months, the Marine Corps tested a gender-integrated task force in an attempt to gauge what the Marine Corps might look like with women in combat roles.
Sep 8 2015

Russian drone submarine would threaten U.S. coast; nuclear vessel in development

The Washington Times - World - Tue, 2015-09-08 10:11
Russia is building a drone submarine designed to launch nuclear weapons against U.S. harbors and coastal cities, according to Pentagon officials.
Sep 7 2015

France sending reconnaissance flights over Syria against Islamic State

The Washington Times - World - Mon, 2015-09-07 05:53
France's president says the country will send reconnaissance planes over Syria beginning Tuesday to help in the fight against the Islamic State group.
Sep 3 2015

1 Marine killed, 9 hurt in helicopter hard landing in North Carolina

The Washington Times - Thu, 2015-09-03 07:41
One Marine has been killed and 9 others were hurt when a CH-53 helicopter made a hard landing at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.
Sep 3 2015

Australia keen to join India, U.S. naval drills

Reuters (World) - Thu, 2015-09-03 04:04
Australia wants to join India, the United States and Japan in joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, widening participation in multilateral drills as China's influence in the region grows.
Sep 3 2015

China building two aircraft carriers: Taiwan defense ministry report

Reuters (World) - Thu, 2015-09-03 03:50
China is building two aircraft carriers that will be the same size as its sole carrier, a 60,000-ton refurbished Soviet-era ship, according to a new Taiwanese Defense Ministry report.
Sep 2 2015

China pledges to cut 300,000 troops from its army

USA Today - Wed, 2015-09-02 21:38
There are currently 2.3 million members of the People's Liberation Army.
Sep 2 2015

Chinese naval ships spotted near Alaska during Obama visit

The Telegraph (U.K.) - Wed, 2015-09-02 17:56
Chinese naval ships have been spotted in the Bering Sea for the first time, according to the Pentagon.
Sep 2 2015

Watchdog: 900,000 vets have pending health care requests

Virginian-Pilot - Wed, 2015-09-02 17:20
Nearly 900,000 military veterans have officially pending applications for health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the department's inspector general said Wednesday.


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