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Jun 25 2012

Gen. Ham: U.S. expanding military efforts in Africa

Navy Times - Mon, 2012-06-25 15:41
Efforts to provide intelligence, training, and at times small numbers of forces to help counter terrorist activities in Africa are being carefully expanded, the top U.S. commander there said.
Jun 25 2012

USNA applications soar, but experts doubt count

Navy Times - Mon, 2012-06-25 14:28
The Naval Academy has surpassed all but a handful of Ivy League schools in its selectivity. But the academy’s process relies on counting methods that seem to deviate from the standard, experts say.
Jun 25 2012

Ex-Army colonel to lead Merchant Marine Academy

Navy Times - Mon, 2012-06-25 13:08
A retired Army colonel was named Monday as the new superintendent at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.
Jun 25 2012

Philippines: Chinese vessels have left disputed shoal

Fox News - World - Sun, 2012-06-24 23:41
The Philippines says China has withdrawn its boats from the lagoon of a tiny disputed shoal that has been the focus of the countries' territorial dispute in the South China Sea.
Jun 22 2012

Calif. chaplain facing misconduct charges

Navy Times - Fri, 2012-06-22 17:31
A Navy chaplain at the Marine Corps’ desert training base has been charged with several counts of alleged misconduct, including sexual harassment, indecent conduct, assault and fraternization.
Jun 22 2012

Air Force squadron CO removed after Osprey crash - Fri, 2012-06-22 17:02
The commander of the 8th Special Operations Squadron has been removed a week after an Osprey crashed under his command.
Jun 22 2012

Panetta: Junior leaders can stop suicides

Navy Times - Fri, 2012-06-22 14:06
The Defense Secretary said Friday that preventing suicides is a foremost leadership responsibility shouldered by all commanders, but especially by junior leader, NCOs and petty officers with direct oversight of troops.
Jun 22 2012

Report: Syria downs Turkish warplane

MSNBC - Fri, 2012-06-22 10:07
Lebanon's Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar television station said Friday that Syrian air defenses had shot down a Turkish military aircraft.
Jun 22 2012

Crashes involving U.S. aircraft fuel concern in Japan

Fox News - Fri, 2012-06-22 05:35
Recent crashes involving the U.S. military's Osprey transport are fueling an uproar in Japan that could threaten plans to deploy the aircraft to Okinawa by the end of the year.
Jun 22 2012

Panetta: Only a 'handful' of top al Qaeda targets left

MSNBC - Fri, 2012-06-22 03:47
The Defense Secretary said Thursday that only a "small handful" of the individuals on an original list of al Qaeda leaders remain on the battlefield and that Saudi Arabia is reporting a decline in recruitment.


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