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Feb 19 2013

Gen. Allen to retire, won't lead European command

Top Headlines - Tue, 2013-02-19 14:07
President Barack Obama says he has accepted Marine Gen. John Allen's request to retire from the U.S. military.
Feb 19 2013

Reports: Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean, Planes to Syria for Evacuation

Defense News – Naval - Tue, 2013-02-19 09:57
Russia sent two planes to Syria to pick up Russians wanting to leave the country as its navy dispatched four warships to the Mediterranean reportedly for a possible larger evacuation.
Feb 19 2013

Pirates attack another ship off Nigeria coast

Top Headlines - Tue, 2013-02-19 07:47
Pirates boarded a ship off the coast of Nigeria's oil-region, a piracy watchdog said on Tuesday, the latest in a string of attacks close to Africa's biggest energy producer.
Feb 18 2013

China's Army Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

The New York Times - Global - Mon, 2013-02-18 23:01
A growing body of digital evidence leaves little doubt that an overwhelming percentage of the attacks on American companies and government agencies start in a building on the edge of Shanghai.
Feb 18 2013

Reports: Sudan-Saudi Navies in First Exercises

Defense News – Naval - Mon, 2013-02-18 09:29
The navies of Sudan and Saudi Arabia have launched their first joint military exercises in the Red Sea, the official SUNA news agency reported Sunday.
Feb 17 2013

Marines Look to Infantry Course for Insight on Women

The New York Times - Global - Sun, 2013-02-17 20:44
The Marine Corps is assessing female volunteers in a grueling training course to see whether women can make it in the infantry.
Feb 17 2013

Sailors to brass: 'Let us wear ball caps'

Navy Times - Sun, 2013-02-17 11:29
Despite a controversial decision four years ago, ball caps remain a fleet favorite — so could they be set for a comeback?
Feb 17 2013

Top U.S. general says he can work with airstrike ban

Yahoo Top News - Sun, 2013-02-17 07:07
The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan believes the NATO coalition can operate effectively despite the Afghan president's decision to ban Afghan forces from requesting airstrikes in residential areas.
Feb 17 2013

Iran plans to establish new navy base

Fox News - World - Sun, 2013-02-17 04:27
Iran's official news agency says the country's navy plans to establish a new base near Pakistan's border in the Sea of Oman.
Feb 16 2013

Experts say DoD cyber workers undertrained

Marine Corps Times - Sat, 2013-02-16 14:15
Many of those tasked with protecting Pentagon cyber networks are undertrained and unqualified, creating dangerous vulnerabilities, experts both in and out of government say.


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