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Jul 2 2015

Washington D.C. Navy Yard on Lockdown Top Stories - Thu, 2015-07-02 07:55
The Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., is currently on lockdown with orders to shelter in place.
Jul 2 2015

China's Navy holds Missile Combat Resupply Drill

Maritime News - Security - Thu, 2015-07-02 07:26
China's navy held its first drill simulating the resupply of missiles in a combat environment in the Yellow Sea, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday.
Jul 1 2015

Neller nominated to be next Marine Corps commandant

Virginian-Pilot - Wed, 2015-07-01 22:54
Lt. Gen. Robert Neller, a veteran infantry officer who commanded troops in Iraq from 2005 to 2007, has been selected to serve as the Marine Corps' new top officer.
Jun 25 2015

Navy accepts delivery of the submarine John Warner

Virginian-Pilot - Thu, 2015-06-25 20:25
The Navy has accepted delivery of the John Warner. It will be the 12th Virginia=class submarine.
Jun 23 2015

Submarine sailor not guilty of distributing nude videos, judge finds

Virginian-Pilot - Tue, 2015-06-23 20:51
A military judge on Tuesday found a submarine sailor not guilty of distributing videos of female officers undressing for the shower, making him the first cleared of wrongdoing in the case.
Jun 23 2015

Senate approves new VA health care chief

Virginian-Pilot - Tue, 2015-06-23 19:17
Dr. David Shulkin, president of the Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, won approval as the VA's undersecretary for health by a voice vote Tuesday in the Senate.
Jun 23 2015

Afghan forces recapture key district from Taliban

Reuters (World) - Tue, 2015-06-23 02:51
Afghan government forces regained control of a key district near Kunduz on Tuesday, after Taliban fighters had threatened to capture a provincial capital for the first time since being driven from power in 2001.
Jun 23 2015

Japanese plane circles over China-claimed region in S.China Sea

Reuters (World) - Tue, 2015-06-23 02:30
A Japanese military patrol plane circled over disputed parts of the South China Sea on Tuesday at the start of an exercise with the Philippine military that has irked China.
Jun 23 2015

China to Retrofit 172,000 Civilian Ships for War

Maritime News - Vessels - Tue, 2015-06-23 02:00
China is set to retrofit 172,000 of merchant ships for military purposes so they can be used in the event of a war, another disturbing indication of growing tensions between Beijing and Washington,
Jun 23 2015

DOD: China aims to challenge U.S. air dominance

Reuters (World) - Tue, 2015-06-23 00:04
China is mounting a serious effort to challenge U.S. military superiority in air and space, forcing the Pentagon to seek new technologies and systems to stay ahead of its rival, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work says.


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