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Oct 18 2014

Navy report casts doubt on Sea Dragon's reliability

Virginian-Pilot - Sat, 2014-10-18 21:01
A confidential safety investigation report says a full risk-analysis is needed to ensure the Navy's aging MH-53E Sea Dragon fleet is safe to fly for another decade.
Oct 18 2014

Report faults Pentagon efforts to find MIAs

Navy Times - Sat, 2014-10-18 13:23
The Pentagon's effort to find the missing from past wars is wracked with inefficiencies, lacks a clear mission and fails to differentiate remains that can be recovered from those lost forever, an report charges.
Oct 18 2014

Sweden boosts forces to search for 'foreign underwater activity'

Reuters (World) - Sat, 2014-10-18 12:38
Sweden boosted its military presence in Stockholm's archipelago on Saturday to scour for "foreign underwater activity" in a mobilization of ships, troops and helicopters unseen since the Cold War.
Oct 18 2014

DOD seeks to clarify policies on nonprofit groups

Navy Times - Sat, 2014-10-18 12:04
The Defense Department is taking a new look at the barriers that complicate efforts by nonprofit groups to help service members and their families at some installations.
Oct 18 2014

GCC Naval Group To Focus on Coastal Threats

Defense News – Naval - Sat, 2014-10-18 11:51
The Gulf Cooperation Council's planned maritime security force will most likely focus on coastal interdictions and counterterrorism operations and be less of a 'blue water navy,'
Oct 17 2014

Oldest commissioned warship takes trip before repairs

Virginian-Pilot - Fri, 2014-10-17 19:28
Old Ironsides took one last trip around Boston Harbor on Friday ahead of a major, multi-year restoration project, firing its canons while a punk band and a Boston Pops quintet entertained guests and dignitaries.
Oct 17 2014

Fleet to shift three destroyers to Japan

Navy Times - Fri, 2014-10-17 17:18
The next three years will see three destroyers—two from San Diego and one from Norfolk, Virginia—shift home ports to Japan as part of the Fleet's Asia pivot.
Oct 17 2014

Dunford takes command of the Corps, issues first order to Marines

Marine Corps Times - Fri, 2014-10-17 14:55
The 36th commandant's first order to the Marine Corps as he took command was a simple one: Continue to march.
Oct 17 2014

U.S. Commander Reports Heavy ISIS Losses in Syrian City of Kobani

The New York Times - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:34
The head of the U.S. Central Command indicated that even if the Islamic State managed to take Kobani, the victory would be costly to the group.
Oct 17 2014

Marine Commandant Amos Leaves Mixed Legacy

The Wall Street Journal - - Fri, 2014-10-17 13:06
Gen. James Amos on Friday handed command of the service to his successor, ending a four-year tenure that was beset by controversy but may be remembered for transforming the Corps.


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