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Jan 6 2015

Obama poised to free two more Gitmo inmates

The Washington Times - World - Tue, 2015-01-06 07:41
President Obama is due to release two more Guantanamo Bay inmates in the coming days, Fox News reported early Tuesday.
Jan 5 2015

VA failed to vet dubious contractors

The Washington Times - Mon, 2015-01-05 21:57
An internal VA study says that an East Coast office that handles about $4 billion in business each year didn't do enough checks on the backgrounds of companies that were awarded contracts.
Jan 5 2015

Vietnam POW Vice Adm. Edward Martin dies at 83

San Diego Union - Mon, 2015-01-05 10:00
Navy pilot was shot down on a bombing mission and spent six years in the "Hanoi Hilton."
Jan 3 2015

U.S. says terror suspect dies after long illness

The Washington Times - World - Sat, 2015-01-03 05:43
The United States says a suspected al Qaeda terrorist charged in the 1998 attacks on east Africa embassies that killed more than 200 people has died in federal custody.
Jan 2 2015

Vice admiral: Navy should expand sabbatical program

Virginian-Pilot - Fri, 2015-01-02 12:49
The chief of naval personnel says he wants to do everything he can to keep the best sailors in uniform longer—even if that means letting them go for a while.
Dec 31 2014

Veteran suicide tracking faulted

San Diego Union - Wed, 2014-12-31 21:54
Government report says VA data is being incorrectly reported.
Dec 31 2014

U.S.: Somalia terrorist leader killed

CNN Top Stories - Wed, 2014-12-31 12:49
The head of intelligence and security for the al-Shabaab terrorist organization in Somalia, Tahlil Abdishakur, has been killed in a U.S. airstrike, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
Dec 30 2014

Five Guantánamo Prisoners Are Released to Kazakhstan

The New York Times - Wed, 2014-12-31 00:49
Three detainees from Yemen and two from Tunisia were transferred from the military prison in Cuba. With the move, there are 127 prisoners left.
Dec 30 2014

Federal judge orders Marine Corps to answer charges it discredited whistleblower

The Washington Times - Tue, 2014-12-30 16:35
A federal judge has ordered the Marine Corps to answer to allegations it has tried to discredit a Reserve officer in order to cover up his warnings about an Afghan police chief later tied to the fatal shootings of three troops.
Dec 28 2014

U.S., NATO Mark End of Mission to Afghanistan

The New York Times - Sun, 2014-12-28 05:54
The United States and NATO formally ended their war in Afghanistan on Sunday with a ceremony in Kabul as the insurgency they fought for 13 years nonetheless remains ferocious and deadly.


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