Top Daily Stories for February 2013

Feb 17 2013

Iran plans to establish new navy base

Fox News - World - Sun, 2013-02-17 03:27
Iran's official news agency says the country's navy plans to establish a new base near Pakistan's border in the Sea of Oman.
Feb 16 2013

Experts say DoD cyber workers undertrained

Marine Corps Times - Sat, 2013-02-16 13:15
Many of those tasked with protecting Pentagon cyber networks are undertrained and unqualified, creating dangerous vulnerabilities, experts both in and out of government say.
Feb 16 2013

Lawmaker again launches Navy renaming bid

Navy Times - Sat, 2013-02-16 10:23
A North Carolina congressman’s battle to change the Navy Department’s name has entered its 13th year—and this time he’s “cautiously optimistic” the effort will succeed.
Feb 15 2013

U.S. Troops Leave Afghan Outposts, Still Facing Fire

The New York Times - Global - Fri, 2013-02-15 21:19
As American troops prepare to speed up their withdrawal, it is clear some of it will happen under fire, as Taliban fighters try to strike at departing soldiers.
Feb 15 2013

Purple Heart group: New medal ‘insulting’

Marine Corps Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 17:15
The Military Order of the Purple Heart wants the Pentagon to reconsider a new medal honoring drone pilots and others not serving in combat, calling it “degrading and insulting” to those who have.
Feb 15 2013

Obama giving Gen. Allen time to decide posting

Marine Corps Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 17:15
The White House says President Barack Obama wants to give Marine Gen. John Allen time to consider his next assignment before deciding whether to proceed with his nomination to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Europe.
Feb 15 2013

Frigate CO fired for ‘poor performance’

Navy Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 16:20
The Navy fired the skipper of a Norfolk, Va.-based frigate on Friday for lackluster leadership, Naval Surface Force Atlantic said.
Feb 15 2013

Riverine CO and CMC fired for bad behavior

Navy Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 14:44
The commanding officer and command master chief of a deployed Reserve riverine squadron were fired Friday, and both were cited for “unprofessional behavior.”
Feb 15 2013

Still no plans to send U.S. troops to Mali

Marine Corps Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 09:15
Administration officials said France will lead the fight against terrorists in Mali without U.S. combat support, but an adviser to U.S. forces warned that direct involvement may be unavoidable.
Feb 15 2013

Havana restores monument to USS Maine victims

Navy Times - Fri, 2013-02-15 07:24
Havana’s monument to the 266 U.S. sailors who died in the ship's destruction in 1898 is getting a facelift.


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