Writing for the Naval Institute Press

If you would like to publish a book with the Naval Institute Press, please submit a proposal or your entire manuscript (paper copy) to us at:

Naval Institute Press
Acquisitions Editor
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402

A typical book proposal will have some or all of the following:

  • a narrative description (tell us what you intend to write)
  • an outline (show us the anticipated structure of your work)
  • anticipated length (keep in mind that too long gets too expensive, but too short is not likely to adequately cover your subject-a good target for an average length book is about 100,000 words)
  • your history of publication (articles, books you have actually had published, if any) and any relevant credentials (degrees, positions held, etc.)
  • the potential market (who will buy this book)
  • a discussion of the competition (describe what has been done before on the subject and include some commentary as to how yours will be different or how it will complement those existing works)
  • time frame (how long do you think it will take you to write this proposed book)
  • sample chapters (if you have any completed; not mandatory but often

If you send us your complete manuscript:

  • Please keep your original work and send a COPY only.
  • We cannot accept electronic submissions; you must provide a paper copy.
  • Photocopies of illustrations are fine for this stage of evaluation.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted single-sided and double-spaced.






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