Proceedings Archive - 1992

  • The size and shape of tomorrow's Navy are the subject of much speculation and debate.  One player is the Oliver Hazard Perry-class FFG—"Nobody’s Square Peg," pages 40-44.  (Photo by Brian Wolff.)

  • "Submarine Combat in the Ice" is not nearly as easy as surfacing at the Pole—here, USS Archerfish (SSN-678) by M. F. Morrison.

  • There is a New World Order. It means relief operations, a new approach to strategic deterrence, and lots of joint and combined operations. Credits:  World graphic (Comstock); Marines in Bangladesh (Les Stone, SYGMA); Trident submarine USS Georgia (SSBN-729) goes to sea (Steve...

  • Naval Aviation's E-2s have set the pace for airborne early warning and inspired a host of imitations. But the Hawkeye community is abdicating the mission to the Air Force. Naval Air Test Center E-2C by Mark Meyer.


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Guest Speaker

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