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In an ever-changing, ever-dangerous world, the Marine Corps remains a constant in our nation’s defense: Always faithful. Always ready.

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  • Who We Are
    By General James F. Amos, U.S. Marine Corps
    In an ever-changing, ever-dangerous world, the Marine Corps remains a constant in our nation’s defense: Always faithful. Always ready.

    From the American Revolution to Afghanistan (this month marks...

  • Still in Demand
    By Lieutenant General Dennis J. Hejlik, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
    Over-the-beach capabilities remain vital to U.S. maritime operations. Lessons from the annual Bold Alligator exercises can chart a course for the future.

    The Marine Corps faces significant challenges as we...

  • Amphibious Maneuver Warfare 2.0
    By Lieutenant Colonel J. Noel Williams, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
    The Navy–Marine Corps team faces new threats, new opportunities, and declining resources. ‘We should . . . attack!’

    Our nation has never had a security strategy more dependent on maritime...

  • Projecting Power in Gator Operations
    By Colonel Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, Colonel William J. Bowers, and Lieutenant Colonel Christian F. Wortman, U.S. Marine Corps
    To secure its operational edge, the Marine Air-Ground Task Force should enhance its capabilities in four specific ways.

    he recent defense strategic guidance, Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities...

  • Submarine Stormtroops
    By Major Scott Cuomo, U.S. Marine Corps, and Billy Birdzell
    An unconventional spin on the Marine tradition of forcible amphibious entry could counter modern A2/AD threats—at little expense and with minimal training.

    The year is 2020. A country has attacked a...

  • Marines or Marines*?
    By Majors Chris and Jeannette Haynie, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
    The performance of women and men side by side in Iraq and Afghanistan has rendered the Combat Exclusion Policy irrelevant. It’s time to delete the asterisk after ‘Marines.’

    Service to our...

  • Of Defense and Deficits
    By Lieutenant Eric Schuck, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy Reserve
    To maintain their unique capabilities, the Sea Services must master the art of navigating budgets in the Age of Austerity.

    Under the authority of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and without congressional...

  • U.S. Marine Corps Resources

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  • Disruptive Technologies: The Navy's Way Forward
    By Robert Morris and Captain Paul S. Fischbeck, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired)
    Fundamental suppositions must be reexamined as unmanned systems become the long-term force-structure solution.

    In 2010, the Center for Naval Analyses published “The Navy at a Tipping Point,” in...

  • Editor's Page
    by Paul Merzlak

    On the occasion of the Marine Corps’ 237th birthday this month, we’re pleased to welcome General James Amos to our pages for the first time in his role as service chief. This completes quite a year for Proceedings readers; we’ve...

  • CEO Notes
    by Vice Admiral Peter H. Daly, USN (Ret.)

    The Naval Institute Press has published a new softcover edition—also available as an eBook—of Master of Seapower, the late Thomas B. Buell’s splendid biography of Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King. Buell traces King’s...

  • Comment & Discussion

    Co-Ed Crew: Reality vs. Taboo

    (See K. Eyer, pp. 44–48, October 2012 Proceedings)

    Captain Michael Junge, U.S. Navy...

  • Now Hear This - America Needs a Strategy for the Second Nuclear Age
    By Captain Steve F. Kime, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Nuclear weapons caused something new in military strategy more than a half-century ago: Concepts based on threats to incinerate the planet. Hyper-rational models called “escalation ladders” explained how lower levels of conflict were...

  • Nobody Asked Me, But... - Haze Gray (Variegated), All the Way
    By Captain R. L. Crossland, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The 3 September 2012 issue of Navy Times reported that “Blueberries” may be on their way out. The pixilated blue battle-dress uniform has no sooner been adopted than it is under consideration to be deep-sixed. From the outset, someone...

  • From the Deckplates - Leaders Don’t Fix Blame
    By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Retired Captain Mike Lambert posts a thought-provoking entry every morning on his blog, “I Like the Cut of His Jib.” These posts typically deal with press reports about leadership issues, quotes from great leaders, or content from...

  • Book Reviews

    The Twilight War: The Secret History of America’s Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran

    David Crist. New York: Penguin, 2012. 656 pp. Illus. Maps. Notes. Index. $36.

    Reviewed by J. Furman Daniel III

  • Professional Notes

    Handling a Cyclone

    By Lieutenant Commander David S. Coles, U.S. Navy

    Surface Warfare Officer Command School (SWOS) offers superb simulators and instruction to prepare prospective commanding officers. The...

  • Oceans - Alvin and Trieste: Two Old Men of the (Deep) Sea
    By Don Walsh

    Both are Navy-owned deep submersibles. One was retired in 1963, while the other is still active. But their histories are related.

    The bathyscaph Trieste joined the U.S. Navy in 1958. Based at the Naval Electronics Laboratory (NEL) in San...

  • World Naval Developments - Nationalism Unleashed
    By Norman Friedman

    A simmering dispute over some uninhabited islands south of Japan offers insight into the way domestic politics can drive foreign policy—perhaps all the way to war—in both China and Japan.

  • Combat Fleets
    By Eric Wertheim

    On 3 September the first of Sweden’s newly upgraded Visby-class guided-missile patrol craft was turned over to the Swedish military after having completed extensive modifications that bring her up to “Level 5” standard. All five...

  • Lest We Forget - Commitment
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    As a retired Navy captain, George Thibault is no stranger to the Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment. On active duty, he lived those values while serving in cruisers, destroyers, and amphibious ships as a surface line...

  • From Our Archive

    ‘A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets.’

    William Tecumseh Sherman (1820–1891)

    Marines from the 3d Battalion, 12th Marines, man a 75-mm pack howitzer on Bougainville in their semi-...

  • Another View
    by Ric Smith
  • U.S. Marine Corps Flag Officer & Senior Enlisted

    Click on the links below to download or open a PDF of these resources from the November 2012 issue of Proceedings...

  • U.S. Marine Corps Information Sources
  • U.S. Marine Corps Organizational Chart
  • Handling a Cyclone

    Handling a Cyclone

    By Lieutenant Commander David S. Coles, U.S. Navy


  • Offshore Sail Training: A Midshipman Skipper's Perspective
    by Second Lieutenant Michael S. Smithson, U.S. Marine Corps

    Offshore Sail Training: A Midshipman Skipper’s Perspective

    By Second Lieutenant Michael S. Smithson, U.S. Marine Corps...
  • Improving Command and Control by Assessing the Common Operational Picture
    by Annette Matheny

    Improving Command and Control by Assessing the Common Operational Picture

    By Annette Matheny
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  • Naval Institute Foundation - Giving Thanks

    This Thanksgiving, we salute two benefactors among the thousands of supporters to whom the Naval Institute is so grateful.

    Captain Harry W. Konkel, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Quiet and unassuming, Harry Konkel of...


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