Proceedings Magazine - January 2012 Vol. 138/1/1,307

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The former skipper of two Aegis guided-missile cruisers walks us through integrated air and missile defense—what it is in reality, an d the vision of what it’s...

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Expanding the Non-Kinetic Warfare Arsenal
To meet the challenges and threats of the information age, the Navy is realizing that cyberspace means a lot more than just...
Maximizing Minimum Manning
The Navy can get more from less. Using fewer but better-prepared engineers will cut costs and improve readiness. The key...
The Transformation (Again!) of the Surface Navy
In the 1980s, the Tomahawk cruise missile expanded the surface Navy’s role; in the 2000s, new technologies continue...
Special - Naval Forces Underpin Economic Success

There is no more an enduring leadership quotation than British Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson’s message to his sailors and marines as...

The Long Reach of Aegis
Combining Aegis with the new Joint Strike Fighter will enhance coverage and lead to a global honeycomb of defensive...
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The new year of 2012 begins the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Although the United States suffered many setbacks during the conflict (the...

Now Hear This - ‘The Future Surface Combatant: Quo Vadis?’

In a Proceedings article with the same title almost 50 years ago, then-Commander Elmo Zumwalt outlined the case for a destroyer that...

From the Deckplates - No Sacred Cows

Determining the military of the future—its capabilities, size, and shape—requires more comprehensive deliberation than currently...

Special - U.S. Grand Strategy and Maritime Power

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Out of Many, One
The former skipper of two Aegis guided-missile cruisers walks us through integrated air and missile defense—what it...
Fighting the Future AirSea Battle
Establishing air-support operations centers at sea is the key to defeating potential dynamic maritime threats....
Answering the Call - ‘You Can’t Put a Dollar Value On Navy Service—But I Wouldn’t Trade It For the World’

Fans of reality shows may recognize Richard Harrison as the center figure of “Pawn Stars,” the Las Vegas–based television...

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CEO Notes

As you can see from the page attached to the cover of this month’s issue, we are highlighting two important topics for members: voting and...

Nobody Asked Me, But. . . - Sailors Need to Learn Navy History

'Up Ladder!'
The boarding mission runs deep in U.S. Navy tradition; on today’s seas, that mission can’t afford to be a...
Head Start
Precommissioning is lengthy and sometimes tedious. Two recent veterans suggest ways to have a crew and ship at peak...
Professional Notes

Renewable Energy from the Ocean

By Captain Michael A. McCallister and Commander Steve A. McLaughlin, U.S. Navy...
Oceans - Race to the Bottom of the Sea—Seven Miles Deep

In 2010 three groups announced plans to develop and send a manned submersible to the deepest place in the World Ocean, the almost seven-miles-...

World Naval Developments - A Different Kind of Blast

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget - The Meditations of a Lion

Be a man of principle. Keep your word. Live with integrity. Be brave. Believe in something bigger than yourself. . . . Teach. Mentor. Give...

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Digitizing the Steichen Collection

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‘The sentinel stars set their watch in the sky.’

Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)

A peregrine falcon...


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