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Robots in the Age of Pirates
Two executives and a consultant in the long-range unmanned surface vessel (USV) industry detail how the new platforms can...
Embrace Life in the (Weapons Engagement) Zone!
Sometimes a heavyweight has to shake up his punch-repertoire—the U.S. military should heed that lesson....
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It’s always special for us when the leader of one of America’s Sea Services contributes to Proceedings, even more so when...

Now Hear This - China Is Protecting North Korea’s Nukes

From the Deckplates - Never Forgotten

Many formal military events, typically dinners and banquets, begin with a prisoner-of-war and missing-in-action (POW/MIA) remembrance reading....

Navy 2025: Forward Warfighters
An August article in Proceedings laid out “Ten Realities for the New CNO.” Here, the new CNO offers...
At the Point of Inflection . . .
Increasingly sophisticated missile weaponry fundamentally alters naval warfare and requires shifts in doctrine, among...
Missing Clues and Cracking Codes in the Pacific War
Did Joe Rochefort Unwittingly Mislead Admiral Kimmel about Pearl Harbor?

Early in the afternoon of 27...

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In Appreciation: William A. Read Jr.

Thirty-two-year member and generous U.S. Naval Institute supporter Commander William Augustus...

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Now Hear This: China's Is Protecting North Korea's Nukes
Nobody Asked Me, But Why Don't More People Join the Military?
Answering the Call: Serving in Uniform Was a 'Rite of Passage' in Becoming a Full-Fledged American
From the Deckplates: Never Forgotten
Navy 2025: Forward Warfighters
At The Point of Inflection..
Embrace Life in the (Weapon Engagement) Zone!
Ten Years of War and Change
Far, Fast, Full, Flexible--and Feet Dry
More Brains, Less Brawnv
We Don't Call Them Horseless Carriages Anymore
The Future of Manned-Unmanned Integration
Robots in the Age of Pirates
The Railgun Advantage
Missing Clues and Cracking Codes in the Pacific War
Book Reviews
Modularity Will Help Protect the Maritime Commons
Offensive Cyber Warfare
A (Big) Step Farther
Naval Systems: Land-Attack Gun Closing in on Zumwalt Install
World Naval Developments: Russia Fires Back on Missile Defense
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget: Amphib Redux
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The Railgun Advantage
Low-cost adjunct capabilities may be the best boost to U.S. Navy missile systems.

United States naval...

Far, Fast, Full, Flexible—and Feet-Dry
For the Navy-after-next, emerging T-Craft technology will be able to deliver the goods—from heavy combat hardware...
Special - Ten Years of War and Change

The past decade has been revolutionary for the U.S. military. It has adapted to a very old kind of warfare for which it was unprepared,...

Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the December issue of Proceedings is available for...

CEO Notes - 100 days at the U.S. Naval Institute

I have been CEO for 100 days and many of you have asked me about the state of our Naval Institute and the direction we will take from...

Comment and Discussion
Nobody Asked Me, But... - Why Don’t More People Join the Military?

Recently, to attract recruits the military has offered larger enlistment cash bonuses, allowed more high-school dropouts and applicants with low...

Answering the Call - Serving in Uniform Was a ‘Rite of Passage’ in Becoming a Full-Fledged American

Korean-born Jeong Kim came to the United States as a teenager, speaking only limited English and with a passion for learning. Awarded a...

More Brains, Less Brawn
Why the future of unmanned systems depends on making them smarter.

Book Reviews

Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam

Lewis Sorley. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. 395 pp. Illus...

Professional Notes

Modularity Will Help Protect the Maritime Commons

By Captains George Galdorisi and R. Robinson Harris, U.S. Navy (...
Naval Systems - Land-Attack Gun Closing in on Zumwalt Install

The Weapon Systems business unit of BAE Systems is set to deliver two gun mounts for the land-attack Advanced Gun System (AGS) to General...

World Naval Developments - Russia Fires Back on Missile Defense

As the United States erects a missile-defense system in Central Europe, Russian politicians have begun to protest that this location represents...

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget - Amphib Redux

From Our Archive

‘Work first and then rest.’

John Ruskin (1819–1900)

An AD-2 Skyraider from Attack Squadron (VA)...


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