Proceedings Magazine - October 2011 Vol. 137/10/1,304

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The platform supposedly designed to ensure that landing craft carrying Marines reach the beach fully equipped is facing big challenges—so big some drastic measures...

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Don't Draw the (Red) Line
Instead of setting thresholds, the United States should maintain ambiguity in responding to digital threats. That will...
Declining Capabilities and a Rising Subsurface Threat
In the face of a Western Pacific underwater-fleet buildup, the United States must exploit emerging technologies and...
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‘And ye shall hear of red lines and rumors of red lines.” Not quite as captivating as the original “rumors of war” found...

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A Different Age, A Different Navy, A Familiar Dilemma

‘Leadership over Management’

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Wake Up . . . and Speak Up!

Crime and War
As criminal organizations metamorphose into criminal states, the domains of law enforcement and the military increasingly...
The False Promise of Metrics
U.S. leaders should not be reducing military power at all, much less comparing navies by weights and numbers....
A New Approach to Piracy
We need to change the conventional wisdom on ship hijacking and take the fight ashore.
Lest We Forget

Taking the Dare

At the end of the Civil War, the U.S. Navy was one of the largest in the world and, with its ironclads and...

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Our thanks to the following individuals whose generosity thus far in 2011 distinguishes them as members of The 1873...

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$400 Billion in DOD Cuts? Here's One
The platform supposedly designed to ensure that landing craft carrying Marines reach the beach fully equipped is facing...
Making Stovepipes Work
A plan implemented in 2006 brought unified U.S. responses to transnational maritime threats. It provides a template for...
The Maritime Domain Awareness Conundrum
Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, threats and challenges around the ocean borders of the United States continue to...
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Nobody Asked Me, But. . .

The Naval Militia Is Underutilized

The New 'Coalition of the Willing'
Maintaining international partnerships to fight piracy off the Horn of Africa could also help stabilize shifting global...
Sail Ho or Sail No?
Training on sailing vessels at maritime academies has long generated spirited debate. Today the ebb and flow of the...
Book Reviews

Contemporary Maritime Piracy: International Law, Strategy, and Diplomacy at Sea

James Kraska. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger,...

Professional Notes

RIMPAC Builds Partnerships That Last

By Vice Admiral Richard Hunt and Rear Admiral Robert Girrier, U.S. Navy...
Naval Systems

Installation Pace Picks Up for ‘Open’ Combat Systems

Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business unit plans to...

World Naval Developments

A Long Wait

In mid-August the Chinese carrier (which some speculate will be named the Shi Lang) put to sea for trials. This...

Combat Fleets

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‘God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.’

Daniel Webster (1782...


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