The Commanders Respond: Rear Admiral A. J. Parr - Royal New Zealand Navy

Although U.S. commitments may preclude the regular physical presence of ships and aircraft in our region, recent experience has shown that small-scale personnel detachments are invaluable in terms of sharing knowledge and experience, and critically, in building the strong ties of friendship which do so much to aid effective cooperation, particularly in an emergency. In addition, New Zealand is a longstanding participant in the Pacific Partnership series of aid-related deployments; again, much invaluable knowledge and experience has thereby been gained and shared.

In summary, New Zealand looks to pull its weight in the Pacific region in partnership with the United States. We will also seek to contribute when we can to U.S.-led, U.N.-mandated international coalitions where maritime security is threatened. In so doing the Royal New Zealand Navy looks forward to building on its long-standing historical ties with the U.S. Navy.



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Maritime Security Dialogue

Mon, 2016-06-13

You are cordially invited to: Commandant's Mid-Term Report on the Coast Guard A discussion with: Admiral Paul F. Zukunft,...

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