Proceedings Magazine - January 2011 Vol. 137/1/1,295

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The Death of NATO

(See R. L. Bateman III, pp. 48–53, December 2010 Proceedings)


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Fit to Fight!
The LSD 41/49 Mid-Life Modernization Program extends the life of these crucial ships while upgrading them and saving money...
Professional Notes

Modernizing the Aegis System for Surface Warfare

By Rear Admiral James McManamon and Captain Brian Eckerle, U.S. Navy

Often lost...

Editor's Page

Change is on the horizon as we begin 2011. Many observers expect Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to step down in the first few months of this...

Now Hear This

Enough Talk of Suicide, Already!

Nobody Asked Me, But...

We Are Missing the Joint Boat

In 2007, Joint Forces Command established a process through which officers can submit joint training...

From the Deckplates

Honor Gold Star Mothers

One of the greatest tragedies is the loss of a child in combat. Thanks to Grace Darling Seibold, the...

The Wrong Ship at the Wrong Time
It is clear that the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program cannot live up to expectations. Yet the surface Navy still badly...
How Are the Mighty Fallen
A former surface warfare officer looks at the cause and effect of the recent spate of surface-ship commanding officer...
Command Performance
About to become captain of a ship? This compendium of acquired knowledge and know-how can help you minimize mistakes and...
A Century of Naval Aviation

In commemoration of the first 100 years of naval aircraft flying from ships, we kick off the year with a sampling of photographs from the Naval...

Looking Beyond the EFV
It’s time for the Marine Corps to examine its role across the broad expanse of national strategy rather than the...
Lest We Forget

Hard-Learned Lessons

Naval Institute Foundation

Robotics Essay Contest Winners Honored

Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment Director Andrew Marshall hosted a ceremony on 9...

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The Death of NATO

(See R. L. Bateman III, pp. 48–53...

Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the January ...

Answering the Call

‘It Was an Extraordinary Experience’

'Lay Your Ship'
The U.S. Navy’s 2010 earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti demonstrated a destroyer’s material capability in...
The Necessity of Dominant American Sea Power
America is a maritime nation, and its priorities should reflect a simple truth: Naval strength plays a sustaining role in...
If the Question Is China . . .
. . . and its ambitious naval buildup, then the U.S. answer can be nothing short of maintaining a strong deterrent fleet...
Challenger: The Beginning of the End
A Navy special-operations officer looks back at the space shuttle Challenger recovery 25 years later....
Book Reviews

Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal

James D. Hornfischer. New York: Bantam, 2011. 544 pp. Illus. Maps....

U.S. Navy

A Crisis in Leadership

The U.S. Navy is suffering a crisis in leadership, both civilian and military. This situation is being...


Doing the Heavy Lifting: Special Ships for the Hardest Jobs

Of the three ways to move outsized, awkward cargoes—wet-transport...

World Naval Developments

Blocking the Path

Combat Fleets

From Our Archive

‘You ask me why I do not write something. . . . . I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words they ought all to be distilled...


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