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Join the Leaders!

Our thanks to the following individuals whose generosity over the past two years distinguishes them as members of the Leadership Circle, for contributions of $1,000 to $4,999 in the calendar year:


Lawrence G. Body

Thomas Brown

RADM Joseph F. Callo and CAPT Sally McElwreath

John K. Castle

CDR Robert A. Close

Patrick S. Cole

Clyde L. Crawford

Thomas C. Deas Jr.

VADM Dirk J. Debbink

Donald R. Dixon

CAPT Roger E. Ekman

RADM Robert B. Erly

CAPT Wayne R. Fritz

CDR Anthony M. Gadaleta

CAPT Joan R. Hankey

LT Shawn F. Hansen

RADM Douglas L. Johnson

Howard J. Kestenberg

CAPT Harry W. Konkel

CAPT Lloyd G. LeCain

David B. Le Fevre

COL Andrew J. Ley

CDR W. Lincoln Mossop Jr.

Frank H. Peacock, DDS

Emmett A. Pedley

*VADM Raymond E. Peet

ADM J. Paul Reason

CDR Richard M. Rosenberg

AMB Michael B. Smith

COL Willard B. Snyder

VADM George P. Steele II

Howard Weiss

Richard Weiss

CAPT James E. Wise Jr.



CAPT Malcolm K. Beyer Jr.

Martha Bowler

CAPT Ben C. Byrnside

RADM Joseph F. Callo and CAPT Sally McElwreath

John K. Castle

Dr. David E. Conston

Clyde L. Crawford

CAPT Russell S. Crenshaw Jr.

LT Francis H. Curren Jr.

VADM Dirk J. Debbink

CDR Henry R. Delaney Jr.

Donald R. Dixon

LCDR Thomas J. Duval

Peter M. Edmondo

CAPT Charles D. Fellows

CAPT Wayne R. Fritz

Todd C. Fruen

Norman P. Goldblum

CDR Harold E. Gordon

Robert G. Gordon

Alan C. Goudy

Richard H. Hakanson

Kent Halvorsen

LT Shawn F. Hansen

LCDR Lawrence B. Hunt

Richard L. Jacobs

Richard L. Joutras

VADM Albert H. Konetzni Jr.

CAPT Harry W. Konkel

CAPT Lloyd G. LeCain Jr.

John F. Lehman

COL Andrew J. Ley

CAPT Paul G. Linaweaver Jr.

Angie F. Marshall

Christopher P. Michel

VADM John G. Morgan Jr.

CDR Frederick A.

and Blythe N. Mucke

Winfield Padgett

RADM Kathleen K. Paige

VADM J. Theodore Parker

VADM Raymond E. Peet

Jason M. Pilalas

Dr. Kyle B. Potts

Thor H. Ramsing

*ADM J. Paul Reason

LCDR James A. Roberts

CDR Richard M. Rosenberg

VADM William H. Rowden

G. West Saltonstall

LCDR Theodore M. Slabey

COL Willard B. Snyder

VADM George P. Steele II

CAPT Edward A. Studzinski

Gerald D. Sullivan

Andrew F. Tabas

COL Frederic L. Tolleson

Michael Toner

VADM Patricia A. Tracey

CAPT Frederick Triggs II

Howard R. Weiss

CDR E. Andrew Wilde Jr.

CAPT James E. Wise Jr.

PO2 John J. Zimmerman III




Conferences and Events

Maritime Security Dialogue

Mon, 2016-06-13

You are cordially invited to: U.S. Coast Guard Update A discussion with: Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, USCG25th Commandant of the U.S...

2016 Naval History Conference

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From the Press

Guest Speaker & Book Signing

Fri, 2016-05-27

Keynote Speaker & Book Signing

Mon, 2016-05-30

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