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By Paul Merzlak

In “The Day Before,” Walter Slocombe and Daniel Gerstein discuss a possible consequence of terrorists entering the country through a poorly guarded port: a biological attack in a major U.S. city. Many agree with them, believing such an event is inevitable. Their article features scenarios and images that may disturb you, but the authors also spell out what measures must be taken in advance of a biological attack. You may be surprised to discover that nine years after the anthrax attacks of 2001, we remain woefully underprepared to respond.

For the third straight year we take a look at our Southwestern border. While this has been an ongoing story, 2010 has seen new developments that even more directly affect the United States, from bullets fired in Juárez, Mexico, hitting El Paso’s City Hall to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s tough (and controversial) new immigration law. Retired Marine Corps Colonel John McKay warns that it is only a matter of time until transnational terrorists take advantage of the porous border with our southern neighbor. He calls for the United States to partner with Mexico in any future hemispheric security strategy and provides sound guidance for the next steps.

Finally, regular Proceedings contributors Scott Truver and retired Navy Captain George Galdorisi team with colleague Antonio Siordia to analyze what the Navy of the mid-21st century might look like. Using the options presented in a Center for Naval Analyses study, our team selects the most likely one and details how it all might work to ensure the U.S. Navy never reaches a “tipping point” where it would no longer be “globally influential.” For all the crystal-ball gazers out there, here’s something just for you.

Paul Merzlak, Editor-in-Chief

Paul Merzlak, Editor-in-Chief

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