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Nobody Asked Me, But. . .

Put Naval Officers on the Ground

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Retirement Benefits in Perspective

Growth in the defense budget has led Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to seek savings across the...

'Tipping' the Future Fleet
The course ahead for the Navy of the mid-21st century is still uncharted. The strategic alternative it chooses now will chart that...
Technological Superiority Is Not a Panacea
The Navy urgently needs to refocus on less tangible but more critical aspects of naval warfare.

The Forgotten Threat
It is likely only a matter of time before terrorists attempt maritime attacks in the United States using small vessels. Why isn...
Staggering to War in the Falklands?
More than 28 years after Argentina and Great Britain went to war over a group of rocky islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean,...
Lest We Forget

Five Brave Men

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Comment & Discussion

No More Walter Reeds

(See N. Koch, pp. 46–...

Now Hear This

Consistency Counts

President Barack Obama has unquestionably brought new energy to the battle against weapons of mass destruction (...

Answering the Call

‘A Recipe for Success’

He is a nationally known chef who operates “Restaurant August” and other eateries...

The Joint Force's "Wildcat Offense"
The future joint force should be designed around a revamped Navy-Marine Corps Team—but could this mean the end of the...
The Day Before
A biological attack is a more likely terrorism scenario than a dirty-bomb strike; the time to prepare is now.

A Frontier Aflame
The United States and Mexico must move quickly and decisively to quell the current crises on their border. Not to do so is to...
Running on Empty
Pressed by a brutal operations tempo, evolving strategic challenges, and a shifting Fleet structure, the Navy’s aging...
Revive the General Board of the Navy
With the Navy again grasping for a coherent shipbuilding strategy, now could be a perfect time to revisit the General Board...
Book Reviews

Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power

Robert D. Kaplan. New York: Random House, 2010. 384 pp. Maps....

Professional Notes

Collaboration Means Sharing Information

By Frank J. Sisto and Alicia Belmas

Naval Systems

Ten Years Later, Cole Antenna Back in Service

World Naval Developments

A High-Stakes Game

Combat Fleets

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'Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll end up in the stars.'

Artie Shaw (1910–2004)


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