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From the day I started at the Naval Institute in early 2005 we had discussed producing an issue of Proceedings focusing on China....

More Henderson, Less Bonds
Not only do Influence Squadrons save money by deploying lower-priced ships, their sheer numbers also allow for more presence, a U.S...
Lest We Forget


Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. was unquestionably one of the most controversial men to ever head the Navy. His...

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Now Hear This

The Future of the U.S.-China Security Relationship

Nobody Asked Me, But. . .When It Comes to Dueling Doctrines, It's Mullen & Powell vs. Rumsfeld

Reflecting changes in the American approach to counterinsurgency, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen recently enunciated a...

Scanning the Horizon for 'New Historical Missions'
The Chinese Navy is the special beneficiary of its government's embrace of 'externalization.'
'Get Off the Fainting Couch'
Have fretful descriptions of China's medium-range antiship ballistic missile endangered America's strategic standing in the Pacific...

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World Naval Developments

New Modes of Failure

Happy Birthday, Chief Petty Officers

The month of April marks an important milestone in the life of our service. It is the birthday of the Chiefs' Mess, the date when the rank of...

Movie Review

HBO's The Pacific: Marine Corps' War Makes for Epic Television

Executive Producers: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Gary Goetzman. Airs...

Book Reviews

Guantánamo, USA: The Untold History of America's Cuban Outpost

Stephen Irving Max Schwab. Lawrence, KS: University Press...

Professional Notes

Enhancing Company Operations for Real

By Colonel Vince Goulding, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

Since 2007, the Marine Corps...

Soviet Navy

The Missing Ramius Letter

Twenty-six years ago Captain 1st Rank Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius, commanding officer of the ballistic missile...

Naval Systems

Electronic Warfare: An Evolution on the Surface

Electronic-warfare technologies being developed for production and deployment on board...

Combat Fleets

Two offshore patrol vessels for Trinidad and Tobago's Coast Guard were formally named in November 2009. First of the class, Port...

From Our Archive

'Though lions to their enemies they were lambs to their friends.'

-Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

Is China Bypassing Our Maginot Line?
China's concept of military modernization spotlights the U.S. need to adapt to an entirely new way of conducting warfare.
A Thoroughbred Ship-Killer
Small, fast, stealthy, and lethal, China's new class of fast-attack craft receives little attention. Yet the hull represents a...
Through a Chinese Lens
With Sino-centric visions of international laws and treaties, China has essentially claimed the South China Sea as its own.
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Fellow Members of the U.S. Naval Institute,

Comment & Discussion

Too Busy to Learn

(See R. H. Scales, pp. 30...

Answering the Call

'I Hope I've Done the Lieutenant Proud'

He is former editor of National Geographic magazine and chairman of the board of trustees of the...

From the Deckplates

Remember Where They Came From

April is a great time for chief petty officers to reflect on their history and proud heritage. The rank was...

The Ship that Will Not Die

Some heroes live in the annals of history forever. Others just fade away, like the old soldier in General Douglas MacArthur's farewell speech on...

Coming without Shadows, Leaving without Footprints
China is quietly prioritizing its development of unmanned undersea vehicles.

China has invested heavily in undersea...

Eyes in the Sky
With 15 new satellites launched in 2008 alone and an ambitious program to produce more space-based surveillance technology, China...
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