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Tawani Challenge: We're This Close!

We are now within $4,000 of meeting the challenge issued in spring 2009 by the Tawani Foundation. This Chicago organization will match gifts raised for the Oral History Program between February and October 2009. Your tax-deductible gift before the end of the month can help put us over the top—and have twice the impact. Please make a gift online now to support oral history at . If you have questions or would like to charge your gift over the phone, call Sue Sweeney at (410) 295-1054. She can also be reached at [email protected] . Gifts can be mailed to the Naval Institute Foundation; 291 Wood Road; Annapolis, MD 21402.

Join the Leaders!

Our thanks to the following individuals whose generosity thus far in 2009 distinguishes them as members of The Leadership Circle (for gifts of $1,000 to $4,999):

CAPT Ben C. Byrnside, USN (Ret.)

RADM Joseph F. Callo, USNR (Ret.) and CAPT Sally McElwreath, USNR (Ret.)

Mr. Clyde L. Crawford

CAPT Russell S. Crenshaw Jr., USN (Ret.)

Mr. Donald R. Dixon

LCDR Thomas J. Duval, USN (Ret.)

Mr. Peter M. Edmondo

CAPT Wayne R. Fritz, USN (Ret.)

CDR Harold E. Gordon, USNR (Ret.)

Mr. Richard H. Hakanson

Mr. Richard L. Jacobs

Mr. Richard L. Joutras

VADM Albert H. Konetzni Jr., USN (Ret.)

CAPT Harry W. Konkel, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Lloyd G. LeCain Jr., USN (Ret.)

The Honorable John F. Lehman

CAPT Paul G. Linaweaver Jr., USN (Ret.)

Mr. T. Truxton Morrison

CDR Frederick A. and Blythe N. Mucke

RADM Kathleen K. Paige, USN (Ret.)

VADM Raymond E. Peet, USN (Ret.)

Dr. Kyle B. Potts

ADM J. Paul Reason, USN (Ret.)

CDR Richard M. Rosenberg, USNR

VADM William H. Rowden, USN (Ret.)

Mr. G. West Saltonstall

COL Willard B. Snyder, USAR (Ret.)

VADM Patricia A. Tracey, USN (Ret.)

Mr. Howard R. Weiss

MAJ General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (Ret.)

CAPT James E. Wise Jr., USN (Ret.)



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You are cordially invited to: U.S. Coast Guard Update A discussion with: Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, USCG25th Commandant of the U.S...

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