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Nobody Asked Me, But...Why Is Digital Camouflage All the Rage?

For years, armed forces service members have proudly worn their uniforms. But now it seems appearance is more important than mundane...

Answering the Call

Two Dreams Came True

Eddie LeBaron has spent much of his career in uniform—as a Marine and as one of America's best-known...

Sailing Across the Bridge
The North American Treaty Organization can advance the security and prosperity of member and non-member nations not only through...
'What Our Department Is All About'

Among a slew of public appearances, including addresses to the American Legion and the International Association of Fire Chiefs conventions...

A Most Dangerous Link
The most likely major cyber threat to the United States is a homeland security problem. We've had the wake-up calls. Will we be...
Disorder on the Border
A Proceedings regular reprises his assessment last year of cooperation between Mexico and the United States against illegal...
The Maximum 'Bloodletting and Delay'
Based on years of original research, Hell to Pay: Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947, a new book out this...
Lest We Forget

An Odious Practice

Early on the morning of 22 March 1820, two naval officers faced one another on a small field outside of...

Naval Institute Foundation

In Appreciation: Wayne E. Meyer

Retired Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer, age 83, died on Tuesday, 1 September, at the Washington Hospital...

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Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the October issue of ...

Comment and Discussion

No Need for High Speed

(See M. Vego, pp. 46-50, September 2009 ...

Now Hear This

Getting Our Priorities Right

The 9/11 terrorist attacks awoke the United States to the grim reality of terrorism on its own soil and...

From the Deckplates

Modernize Navy Advancement

The Navy needs a modern, flexible, and reactive advancement system for its 21st-century enlisted force. Minor...


In Memory of the 'Book Doctor'

Colonel John Grider Miller, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired), managing editor of Proceedings from 1985...

How the Military Supports Homeland Security
A wearer of several wide-ranging security hats takes us inside the domains he commands.

In my capacity as Commander of U.S...

When Disaster Strikes
In the wake of the next big storm, disease, or attack, we can be ready-by preparing now.

Experience has demonstrated that...

All Science, No Fiction
Thinking innovation is the hallmark of the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate.

'Different Kinds of Courage'

In commemoration of October's 65th anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a bestselling...
Revolutionary Robots
They're used to defuse IEDs and for disaster search-and-rescue operations and laparoscopic surgery. When will we learn to trust...
Book Reviews

Clinton's Secret Wars: The Evolution of a Commander in Chief

Richard Sale. New York, NY: Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Press, 2009...

Books in Brief

Soldier of the Press: Covering the Front in Europe and North Africa, 1936-1943

Henry T. Gorrell (author) and Kenneth Gorrell (...

Professional Notes

A Better Use for Spruance-Type Hulls

The Spruance (DD-963)-class destroyers were decommissioned well short of their 30-year projected...

Naval Systems

New Middleware Boosts Reliability

GoAhead Software, a small company based in Bellevue, Washington, announced in late August that it will...

Indian Navy

Joining a Special Club

India is about to join an exclusive naval club-those countries that build and operate nuclear-powered submarines....

World Naval Developments

A Great Equalizer?

Combat Fleets


From Our Archive

'Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife!
  To all the sensual world proclaim,


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