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Hayward Oral History Is Available

Former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Thomas B. Hayward gave generously of his time to participate in the Naval Institute's Oral History Program. This in-depth discussion of his life and career is a true asset to the Institute's award-winning collection.

More recently, a number of supporters stepped forward to help underwrite the costs of the labor-intensive process that took the project from raw audio-taped interviews to an annotated, indexed, and bound oral history.

The U.S. Naval Institute thanks Admiral Hayward and the following individuals and organizations for their generous support:

Ernest M. Beauchamp

Randy Best

RADM Herbert M. Bridge

Roy K. Campbell

LCDR Benjamin J. Conroy Jr.

Kenneth I. Danneberg

Mark E. Dowhy and

Anna S. Anderson

John Edwin Gassner

LT Herschel L. Gott

ADM Ronald J. Hays

CDR John W. Jacobs

ADM David E. Jeremiah

Robert J. Kaps

CAPT William A.

Mackey Sr.

CAPT Perry W. Nelson

Lisle A. Rose

CAPT William M. Russell

Bank of Hawaii

Anonymous Donor

Save! Use! Support!

In the certain belief that people donate when it is convenient for them and on their own schedule, we are covering our bases by providing a form you can use to support the Naval Institute when the spirit moves you.

Located between pages 88 and 89 in this issue is a postage-paid envelope that doubles as a gift form. Please pull it out and hang onto it. (Of course, if now is a good time to use it, so much the better-and thank you!)

Contributed funds underwrite all of the Institute's educational projects-Proceedings, Naval History, Naval Institute Press books, oral histories, photo preservation, essay contests, and professional conferences. Because the Institute and its Foundation are both classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) nonprofits, all gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thanks to Proceedings readers, we enjoyed modest success when we experimented with a bind-in envelope last summer. It is a relatively inexpensive way to reach Members and, in time, will hopefully reduce the need for mailed appeal letters. When it works, we all win!



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