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Nobody Asked Me, But...Sometimes the Insignificant Is Significant

To rescue Captain Richard Phillips of the merchant vessel Maersk Alabama in April 2009, the rescue force needed to maintain communication with the...

Heavy Weather Ahead for the Coast Guard
Competing priorities and shrinking budgets threaten to swamp the service.
To Fight and Save
The modernization of the U.S. Coast Guard must include instilling the guardian ethos espoused by Commandant Admiral Thad Allen....
Bring the Navy Back to Sea
The U.S. Navy has led Combined Joint Task Force humanitarian and training efforts in the Horn of Africa for more than six years....
Lest We Forget

A Change of Strategy

Just days before the beginning of the War of 1812, Secretary of the Navy Paul Hamilton met with the ranking...

Naval Institute Foundation

History Challenge Update

Earlier this year, the Tawani Foundation of Chicago pledged to match all gifts-up to $40,000-that the Naval...

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Comment and Discussion

Fear and Loathing in the Post-Naval Era

(See B. Tillman, pp. 16-21,...

Now Hear This

Maritime Security Consortiums

Answering the Call

From Supply Officer to Corporate CEO

In the business world, A. G. Lafley is well-known as the chairman of the board (and former CEO) of...

The Next Coast Guard Helo
The future of Coast Guard rotary-wing aircraft operations will be defined by their history.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been...

Guardians of the Gulf
Innovation and efficiency have been the hallmarks of Coast Guard combat operations in the Northern Persian Gulf during Operation...
'A Ditching None Could Expect to Survive'
At the height of the Cold War, an unlikely coalition of aircraft from the Coast Guard, the Navy, and the Air Force, along with a...
We Need to Invest in Oceanography
This critical field of research is in urgent need of attention.
Under Pressure
Commander William Earl Fannin, Class of 1945, Capstone Essay Contest
The U.S. submarine force faces...
Book Reviews

Shadow of the Sword: A Marine's Journey of War, Heroism, and Redemption

Jeremiah Workman with John Bruning. New York, NY:...

Books in Brief

Just Doing My Job: Stories of Service from World War II

Jonna Doolittle Hoppes. Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Press,...

Professional Notes

Maximize Maritime Partnerships

By By Vice Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr., Lieutenant Fred Bertsch, and Commander Bill Csisar, U.S. Coast...

U.S. Navy

Keep Building those Damn Ships

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates must be congratulated for his recent recommendations that will cut...

Naval Systems

'Urgent Need' for Combat Craft

Surface warfare leaders met at the Little Creek, Virginia, Naval Amphibious Base early this summer to find...

World Naval Developments

Tomorrow's Wars

Combat Fleets


From Our Archive
'I walked beside the evening sea
And dreamed a dream that could not be;
The waves that plunged along the shore...
From the Deckplates

Inequal Equality

This past January, the rules changed for Sailors with more than 20 years of service. NAVADMIN 030/09 announced career...

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Thu, 2015-07-09

You are cordially invited to: Surface Warfare in a Complex World A discussion with: Vice Admiral Thomas S. Rowden, USNCommander,...

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