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Fear and Loathing in the Post-Naval Era
Since the United States has not fought a real naval battle since World War II, justifying the high cost of a large Fleet of...
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This month's issue marks a number of firsts for us at Proceedings. As most of you know, June traditionally features our...

Nobody Asked Me, But...Let's Resolve the Scorpion Mystery

In March 2008, a 66-year old mystery came to an end with the discovery of the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney, which had sunk with all 645...

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An Undersea Deterrent?
China's investment in a nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine force and the accompanying infrastructure indicates a major...
Why Does Brazil Need Nuclear Submarines?
Brazil's developing nuclear program shows its increasing global prominence.
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A Question of Paternity

Naval Institute Foundation

Kelso Oral History Is Available

Over the past several years, former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Frank B. Kelso II has...

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Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the June issue of Proceedings is available for current USNI members to view. The...

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On the Verge of a Game-Changer

(See A. S. Erickson and D. D. Yang,...

Now Hear This

Pakistan: The Real Central Front in the War on Terrorism

Answering the Call


River Ghosts
Doing the right thing is never easy. Sometimes, as in the case of giving tired old warships a respectable resting place, it's...
Better Security through Business
Backing up our sales of ships and equipment with ongoing consultation creates relationships.

Old Ship, New Mission

In her final months, the Nashville refines smart-power strategy for Africa.

Stealth Partners
Traditional roles performed by U.S. Navy attack submarines in coastal Africa are expanding to include training international navies...
Changing the Face of Undersea Warfare


Sometimes a scalpel is a better tool than an ax. The Navy sees such promise in a miniature torpedo.

As a...

Where Have All the Mush Mortons Gone?
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced the Navy to change its culture. Can it take similar measures in the face of new threats...
Mine Warfare's Best Defense
Destroyers working with remote minehunting systems are valuable assets, but hunting is not removal. The Navy still needs a...

How to Avoid a Submarine Mishap

It may not work every time, but empowering junior members of the crew to make decisions creates an...

The Nuclear Approach to Ballistic Missile Defense
In An Excerpt From Their Book, The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal: A History Of...
Book Reviews

Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath

Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman. New York:...

Professional Notes

Conserving Fuel at Sea

By Commander Glenn P. Kuffel, Lieutenant Commander Barry Palmer, and Lieutenant Commander Mary Katey Hays, U.S...

Naval Systems


World Naval Developments

Chasing the Pirates

Combat Fleets


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