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This month we usher in a new year and a new era. November's historic presidential election brings a change in administration to Washington. President-elect Barack Obama's national security...



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This month we usher in a new year and a new era. November's historic presidential election brings a change in administration to Washington....

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Write—with Your Eyes Wide Open

(See W. J. Toti, pp. 16-20,...

Now Hear This: Rally 'Round the New President

Barack Obama won the recent presidential election convincingly, and it is time now for all Americans to rally around the next commander-in-chief....

Nobody Asked Me, But...We Look Stupid

In a 20 November 2008 editorial titled "Piracy Problem," the Los Angeles Times noted: "The U.S. Navy said shipping...

Answering the Call: 'To Mature and Grow into a Man'

Coast Guard Yeoman to Golf Legend

Since joining the professional ranks after winning the U.S. Amateur Championship in 1954, he has...

Advice for the SecDef (or, What You Won't Hear at a Brookings Seminar)
An analyst of institutional structures and bureaucracy has some strong suggestions for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under the...
Inland Sailors
Individual Augmentees fill essential roles alongside overtaxed ground troops. The author, an IA in Afghanistan, considers the...
Crisis of Confidence
The Navy—at its highest levels—needs to change the way it buys and builds its ships.

There was a time, not all...

Recapitalizing Too Early
Writing off perfectly good ships and aircraft before the end of their life cycle is a shortcoming of the transformation era....
Checkered Past, Uncertain Future
Have the cost and schedule woes of the Littoral Combat Ship been worth it?

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program was...

The Navy's 'Tipping Point'
Two shipbuilding insiders say the Littoral Combat Ship is the most viable program for the future of U.S. Navy surface combatants....
On the Care and Feeding of Young SWOs
Today's new surface warfare officers report to their ships woefully unprepared to do their jobs.

If you are a young...

A Rude Awakening
A two-year tour on a Royal Navy destroyer showed one young surface warfare officer how much he didn't know.

As the U.S...

Leading Surface Warfare Officers: Straight-to-the-Fleet
The old training system was thorough, expensive, and time-consuming. The new relies on SWOs to be what they are: leaders.


On Further Review

On War

Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Military people have been reared on such...

Book Reviews

If Mahan Ran the Great Pacific War: An Analysis of World War II Naval Strategy

John A. Adams. Bloomington: Indiana University...

Professional Notes

Weaning the Navy from Foreign Oil

By Donald Wilkins

Oceans: Ice: An Identification Sampler

During their seagoing careers, most mariners will never see ice and even fewer will have to navigate through it. In all its forms, whether land-...

World Naval Developments: Maritime Vulnerability

The terrorist raid on Mumbai in late November 2008 dramatized the maritime aspect of the war against terrorism. Soon after the raid, the Indians...

Combat Fleets

On 29 October the Royal Dutch Submarine HNLMS Walrus was photographed pier side at Naval Station...

Lest We Forget - 'Nancies' and the 'Lame Duck'

At the age of 32, Lieutenant Elmer F. "Archie" Stone had already had an unusual career for a Coast Guard officer. Having completed...

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It is always fair sailing when you escape evil.  

Books In Brief

Sniper One: On Scope and Under Siege with a Sniper Team in Iraq

Sergeant Dan Mills. New York: St....

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A digital edition of the ...


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