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Chairman & CEO, FedEx Corporation

In 1971 Fred Smith, a young Marine veteran just two years removed from combat duty in Vietnam, set up a company that guaranteed...



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Answering the Call: "What the Marine Corps Taught Me Can Be Seen Every Day in FedEx"

Chairman & CEO, FedEx Corporation

In 1971 Fred Smith, a young Marine veteran just two years removed from combat...

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Tell Me How This Ends: General David Petraeus and the Search for a Way Out of Iraq

Linda Robinson. New York: Public Affairs,...

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War on (Buzz)Words

(See K. Bateman, pp. 20-23, August 2008 Proceedings)

Combat Fleets

On 15 July, ThysssenKrupp Marine Systems' Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft shipyard (HDW) in Kiel, Germany, launched the first of...

An Unlikely Naval Aviation Pioneer

Trained as an apprentice machinist in Germany, a teenage Scandinavian joined the U.S. Navy early in the 20th century, rising to...

Brother Death
The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming Naval Institute Press book ...
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Something I Wish I'd Said


Al Qaeda's Demise-Or Evolution?
Al Qaeda adjusts its failed strategies. So far the network has not produced a positive vision for its adherentsand...
A Grizzly from the Coral Sea
For one man in the wartime Pacific, a grizzly bear was big medicine.

Combat artist Tom Lea spent 66 days on the USS...

Afghanistan - The War Escalates
A Proceedings correspondent embeds with a Marine rifle company to provide a glimpse of that other war we thought we had...
Lest We Forget: First, A Role Model

A mixed fleet of destroyers, cruisers, and lumbering amphibs were making their way home from duty in the Mediterranean. Ahead of PIM (position and...

Nobody Asked Me, But . . .Save the Greens

Without question, the return of service dress khaki has been welcomed by many officers and has even begun to make waves among the ranks of...

Now Hear This: Maintaining Our Global Maritime Primacy

More pundits are declaring the end of the aircraft carrier's relevance; it is fashionable to eulogize the centerpiece of our naval preeminence...

Naval Institute Foundation

Gifts That Live On

The posthumous generosity of two longtime members will help strengthen the Naval Institute in the coming years. We...

Oceans: Illegal Aliens in Our Waters

There is a huge illegal immigrant problem in this country and it doesn't involve human beings. Marine organisms brought to our shores by ships...

Pulling Gs: The Pilot's Body Sets the Limit
The greater the aircraft's maneuverability, the more the pilot needs to do to counteract the physiological effects of high...
Taking Out Saddam's Floating Pleasure Palace
Smart move or mindless destruction?

Five days into the combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. Navy F/A-18s and an S...

Professional Notes

Give Information Personnel More Training and Credibility

By Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Interpretive James Murphy, U.S. Navy

Fish or Cut Bait
If the Navy is to be a full partner in special operations, it needs a dedicated organic helicopter unit.

Today, the U.S....

An Affordable Global Presence
We need a more cost-effective Fleet.

Our nation's maritime strategy reaffirms the use of sea power to influence...

Special: A Panama Canal for a New Century: Wider, Speedier, Busier

The U.S. Navy's laudable decision to stand up the Fourth Fleet (for the second time) on 1 July 2008 is welcome news for all those who believe...

New Flagships of the Fleet?
Submarines have long played a key, but less visible, role than carriers in the Navy. The conflicts of the 21st century signal it...
World Naval Developments: A Shift to Soft Power

In July, Defense Secretary Robert F. Gates approved a new national defense strategy that formally made the war against terrorists the overriding...

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Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade...


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