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Bob Gates Doesn't Do Mop-Up

When President Bush tapped Robert Gates to be Secretary of Defense in November 2006, a huge sigh of relief rippled through the military establishment and,...


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Bob Gates Doesn't Do Mop-Up

When President Bush tapped Robert Gates to be Secretary of Defense in November 2006, a huge sigh of...

Comment and Discussion

Modern-Day Minehunting, Destroyer Style

(See S. J. Coughlin, pp. 42-46, June 2008 Proceedings)

Rear Admiral Charles F. Horne...

Firing on the Up Roll: Winning Battles, Losing Wars

With few exceptions, the U.S. military, certainly since the Korean War, has had an unprecedented capacity for winning all of the battles it has...

Now Hear This: Back to Basics: Tradition in Future Warfare

From the earliest days of man's journeys he has depended on the basic signs of nature to guide him—the sun, the stars, and landmarks...

Nobody Asked Me, But . . .It's Time for a Golden Octopus

The girl behind the espresso stand cocked her head, looked over my cammies and asked a by-now-familiar question as she handed me my first coffee...

Answering the Call: "I'm Glad I Had a Chance to Serve"

U.S. Congressman, Pennsylvania Governor, First Secretary of Homeland Security

Maritime Strategy in an Age of Blood and Belief

While the United States keeps a watchful eye on potential global trouble spots, it cannot lose sight of the changing security...

Sprinting Through the Tape

On the afternoon of 5 June 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates stepped to the podium at the Pentagon press room to announce that he had...

Lots of Bullets, Not Enough Ballots
While voting is one of the most sacred privileges of all Americans, military men and women deployed overseas are finding it...
Guantanamo: Full, Fair, and Open Trials?
The prosecutor who turned on the prosecution tells Proceedings why he did it.

Designed after 9/11 to house and...

The Bitter Cost of Business
The Navy must do a better job of retaining one of its most valuable resources—the post-major command captain.
Don't Cherry Pick the MAGTF
Marine TACAIR is a critical component of an even more valuable instrument—the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

In the...

SOUTHCOM Turns to Soft Power
The new Fourth Fleet is focused on Latin America and could become a model for other commands.

Major changes are under way...

Sustainment from the Deep Sea
Of the three U.S. military domains of sea, air, and space, the sea offers the most potential to improve the movement of forces from...
Final Salute
In this excerpt from his new book Final Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jim Sheeler...
Book Reviews

Wars of the Americas: A Chronology of Armed Conflict in the Western Hemisphere, 1492 to the Present, Volumes I and II.

David F...

Professional Notes

Smart Mines and Degaussed Ships: Using All Our Tools

By John J. Holmes

Mines are cheap and dangerous. An adversary can deploy them...

Oceans: Icebreakers—A Dying Breed?

While the Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, ice conditions there as well as on northern seas and lakes will require...

U.S. Navy: To Be or Not to Be. . . The New DDG

The window of opportunity for constructing the advanced DDG-1000 guided missile destroyer, formerly the DD(X), will remain open for a few more...

World Naval Developments: How Not to Design a Warship

David K. Brown, a senior British warship designer and for many years a major historian of British naval design, died on 16 April. Brown was...

Combat Fleets

The Turkish government took a major step forward in its plans to upgrade the navy's frigate fleet when it requested the...

Lest We Forget: Ace in a Day

In October 1942, the Americans on Guadalcanal were in a fight for their lives. Henderson Field was riddled with bomb craters, wrecked U.S....

Naval Institute Foundation

Forbes Oral History is Available

Support from several sources has allowed the Naval Institute to complete the late Vice Admiral Bernard B...

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In Peace and War: A History of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point

Jeffrey L. Cruikshank...


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