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Listen Up Marines! We Belong at Sea, Ready for Trouble
As the Marine Corps looks beyond Iraq, the question becomes "Where do we go from here?"

That question was asked...

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This month, we have no focus, no theme for the magazine. This is by design, not a reflection of burned-out editorial...

Lead or Get Out of the Way: Winning the Millennium War
We can no longer afford to hamstring our young techno-savvy Sailors with antiquated systems.
Cries in the Dark
The situation in Somalia now represents Africa's greatest crisis—and the United States is partly to blame.
Berkeley and the Marines-Back to the Future
Leathernecks look for a few good men (and women) in the Flower Power capital of the world, but the locals would like them to take a...
Capitalizing on al Qaeda's Mistakes
Our arch enemy in the war against Islamic extremism has made some major miscues, and the Coalition has been able to take advantage...
Ramadi from the Caliphate to Capitalism
When the Americans came, we thought they were the enemy. The Awakening came when we realized the Americans were our friends.


Journal of a First Command
In Destroyer Captain, a new book from the Naval Institute Press...
Lest We Forget

The Turner Touch

Naval Institute Foundation

Dunn Oral History is Available

Support from several sources has enabled the Naval Institute to complete Vice Admiral Robert F. Dunn...

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Fellow Members of the U.S. Naval Institute,

We are pleased to communicate this summarized annual report on the State of the Institute in...

Comment & Discussion

Building a Small Surface Warship: Mission Impossible?

(See W. J. Holland Jr., pp. 14-19, February 2008; K. Lee, D. Criner, p. 6, March...

Firing on the Up Roll

What's in a Word?

The time has come to expunge from our political vocabulary a word that is offensive, demeaning, and profane to anyone...

Now Hear This

A New Kind of Defense in Depth

Nobody asked me, but...

Let's Have One Book for Every Sailor, Too

An Indian Monroe Doctrine. But What Kind?
Indian leaders speak of following their own Monroe Doctrine, but rarely provide specifics. Two possible directions for India are...
The United States and Canada: Time to Defrost
We have not adopted the appropriate diplomatic, military, informational, or economic strategies to deal with Canada.


Sixteen Stars in Four Graves

The simple two-foot-tall white stone is not much different from the more than 138,000 others that surround it at the Golden Gate National...

Book Reviews

Why Marines Fight

James Brady. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2007. 320 pp. Illus. $24.95.

Reviewed by Colonel John W....

Books in Brief

The USS Flier: Death and Survival on a World War II Submarine

Michael Sturma. Lexington, KY: University Press of...

Professional Notes

Analysis of a Helicopter Crash in the Bering Sea

By Lieutenant Commander David R. Neel, U.S. Coast Guard

On 8 December 2004 in...

Naval Systems

Seagoing Rails

An experimental electromagnetic rail gun (EMRG) was successfully test-fired by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) at the...

World Naval Developments

Network-Centric Warfare: Space Style

Combat Fleets


Conferences and Events

Maritime Security Dialogue

Thu, 2015-07-09

You are cordially invited to: Surface Warfare in a Complex World A discussion with: Vice Admiral Thomas S. Rowden, USNCommander,...

2015 Naval History Conference

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