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Years later, in Norfolk, Leggett and his wife, Elizabeth, toured the newest Wasp (LHD-1) shortly after she was commissioned in 1989. Because his time in the Navy had had such a profound impact on his life, Leggett stipulated in his will that, if possible, the couple's ashes be committed to the sea from the Wasp . This was done in November 2002.


Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

In 1993, actor, producer, and former naval officer Douglas Fairbanks Jr., came to Annapolis for the Naval Institute's 119th Annual Meeting, where he graciously signed copies of his memoir, A Hell of a War . In early October this year his widow, Vera Shelton Fairbanks, donated a huge collection of his personal artifacts to the Institute. Among these items are U.S. and foreign medals and awards, his personal library of hundreds of naval and military books and photographs, and the flag that draped his coffin when he died in May 2000.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was appointed a lieutenant (junior grade) in the Naval Reserve in April 1941. He left active duty with the rank of commander in February 1946. He served briefly in the battleship Mississippi (BB-41), the carrier Wasp (CV-7), and the heavy cruiser Wichita (CA-45).

His most enduring military legacy was his role in the establishment of what became the U.S. Navy's Beach Jumpers, tactical cover and deception units patterned after the British commandos Fairbanks had observed and trained with while serving as an exchange officer on Lord Louis Mountbatten's staff in England.


Lloyd G. LeCain Jr.

Life Member Captain Lloyd LeCain Jr., of Lompoc, California, is a familiar face at Naval Institute events. This Texas A&M graduate has been a member for 33 years, a Naval Institute Commodore since 2000, and an active participant in all Institute functions.

Lloyd has been a consistent annual donor for more than a decade. This year, in addition to his traditional contribution, he honored us with the donation of his Navy dress sword, scabbard, case, and belt for use as needed at special Naval Institute events. Because he and his wife, retired Navy Captain Valentine Nishihara LeCain, have no children to whom they could bequeath the sword, he thought the Institute would be a worthy recipient. We are grateful for this opportunity to let him know how much we appreciate his dedication.



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