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Firing On The Up Roll
Now Hear This
Nobody Asked Me, But
The 'Galloping Ghost’ Goes on Eternal Patrol
Adapt or Die
A New DOG in the Hunt
China: A New Maritime Partner?
The Coast Guard is Discovering a New Force-MulipIier—and it’s Already on Board
Don’t Split it, Grow it
Close the Gaps
Mines in Ports: A Serious Threat
A Tale of Three Kiwis: Coalition Lessons from Afghanistan
A Framewurk for the Future
Restructuring Navy Boarding Teams
Keep 'em Flying: The Future of UAV Safety
The Message: Flexible, Cust Effective, & Compatible
How EA-6B Sailors Can Advance Careers
Computerizing Aircraft Maintenance
Use NMETLs and NWTS for Transformation
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World Naval Developments
Naval Systems
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Lest We Forget
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Adapt or Die

The military must learn how to institutionalize adaptability. Only then will we be ready for any contingency.

Restructuring Navy Boarding Teams

The Navy should designate a VBSS rate for enlisted Sailors, while SWOs on their first tour routinely become boarding team...

China: A New Maritime Partner?

The U.S. Coast Guard is opening the door to a cooperative relationship with China.

The Coast Guard is Discovering a New Force-Muliplier—and it's Already on Board
Close the Gaps

The potential for a seaborne terrorist attack is not limited to a WMD in a shipboard container. Maritime security specialists...

A New DOG in the Hunt

The Coast Guard is organizing specialized forces into a Deployable Operations Group (DOG). Its first commanding officer...

Editor's Page

We Want You!

This issue of Proceedings contains our annual look at the U.S. Coast Guard, the nation'...

The Navy and Its DDG-1000—Heading Wrong

To grasp the Navy's gravely inadequate response to its ominously shrinking numbers, start with the DDG-1000 program. Born years ago as the DD-21...

Combat Fleets

From Our Archive


"Observe your enemies, for they first find out your faults."



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