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We Want You!

This issue of Proceedings contains our annual look at the U.S. Coast Guard, the nation's smallest military service, but one that has...


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We Want You!

This issue of Proceedings contains our annual look at the U.S. Coast Guard, the nation...

Comment and Discussion

Kabuki in the E-Ring

(See T. L. Wilkerson, pp. 12-14, July 2007 Proceedings)

Firing on the Up Roll: Chairman Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen is, or is about to be, the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is the fourth admiral to hold that post. His...

Now Hear This: The Navy and Its DDG-1000—Heading Wrong

To grasp the Navy's gravely inadequate response to its ominously shrinking numbers, start with the DDG-1000 program. Born years ago as the DD-...

Nobody Asked Me, But...Let's Make Some Noise!

We've all heard the riddle, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a noise?" Fast forward to today and the...

Adapt or Die

The military must learn how to institutionalize adaptability. Only then will we be ready for any contingency.

Restructuring Navy Boarding Teams

The Navy should designate a VBSS rate for enlisted Sailors, while SWOs on their first tour routinely become boarding team...

China: A New Maritime Partner?

The U.S. Coast Guard is opening the door to a cooperative relationship with China.

The Coast Guard is Discovering a New Force-Muliplier—and It's Already on Board
Close the Gaps

The potential for a seaborne terrorist attack is not limited to a WMD in a shipboard container. Maritime security specialists...

A New DOG in the Hunt

The Coast Guard is organizing specialized forces into a Deployable Operations Group (DOG). Its first commanding officer and a...

The 'Galloping Ghost' Goes on Eternal Patrol

With flaming red hair, a Dale Carnegie smile, and boundless enthusiasm, retired Rear Admiral Eugene Fluckey was the most decorated military...

Don't Split it, Grow it

Instead of expanding the service to better accomplish its missions, the U.S. Coast Guard could lose its maritime safety arm if a proposal under...

Mines in Ports: A Serious Threat

The 9/11 attacks were coordinated; why not the simultaneous mining of several vital harbors?

Only a few mines would be needed in U.S. ports...

A Tale of Three Kiwis: Coalition Lessons from Afghanistan

I was on my way to Kabul, Afghanistan, in early September 2004 to become the new Director of Intelligence (CJ2) for the Combined Forces Command-...

A Framework for the Future

By tapping its informal arrangements and treaties in East Asia, the United States could be that much closer to its goal of a 1,000-ship world...

Keep 'em Flying: The Future of UAV Safety

Commander William Earl Fannin, Class of 1945, Capstone Essay Contest

A significant competition for airspace between manned and...

The Message: Flexible, Cost Effective, & Compatible

The Transformation Warfare 07 conference confronted the uncer future facing the nation's warfighters.

As the military's top brass...

Book Reviews

Powerful and Brutal Weapons: Nixon, Kissinger, and the Easter Offensive

Stephen P. Randolph. Cambridge, MA: Harvard...

Professional Notes

How EA-6B Sailors Can Advance Careers
By Lieutenant Commanders John W. D. Kurtz and Adam Carlstrom, U.S. Navy


World Naval Developments: Changes in the Missile World

At this year's Paris Air Show, advanced weapon and space systems company Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (ATK) displayed a model of its proposed...

Naval Systems: Energy Demands Fuel Power Options Search

A "clean sheet" perspective unbound by current design programs has revealed a critical finding in determining ship power needs. In...

Combat Fleets

In April 2007, the British Royal Navy handed over the retired mine countermeasures vessel ex-HMS Sandown to the Estonian Navy....

Lest We Forget: Marquee Title

I require all Marines to read and discuss . . .

LTGEN Brute Krulak's First to...

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