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Lest We Forget: Ripley at the Bridge


As a young man I was fascinated by a tale from ancient Roman history that told of a warrior whose courage was beyond all reason,...

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Firing On The Up Roll
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Kabuki in the E-Ring
Mike Mullen's Surprise Promotion
A Parade You Don't Forget
No Torture— It’s a Start
Rebuilding Coast Guard Acquisition
Time for a Second Great White Fteet
A New Naval Diplomacy
Urban Warfare: Sending in the Marines
State and Navy: Partnership in Diplomacy
Treaty at a Crossroads
Time tor a Mid-Course Correction?
Finding Our Lagarto Fathers
Harnessing Information Technology for Navy Command and Control
Solving the Cross Bearing Triangle Mystery
Are You Ready for the Next Big One?
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Lest We Forget
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Kabuki in the E-Ring



"Americans love a winner and will not...
A Parade You Don't Forget

Four years later and the parades continue. Month after month the procession moves, and only the faces change. 

Rebuilding Coast Guard Acquisition

Through drastically restructuring its processes, the service aims to move from confusion to creative synergy.

Finding Our Lagarto Fathers

In 2005, British diver Jamie Macleod and his crew located the wreck of the USS Lagarto (SS-371), a World War II...

Mike Mullen's Surprise Promotion

He has embraced the term that others have either dismissed or tiptoed around: "the Long War."  CNO will carry a...

Editor's Page


Rewriting the Rules of War


In war, unlike sports or business, it matters less how you play the game than whether or not you win.

Combat Fleets

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"Hide not your talents, they    
      for use were made...


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