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Stephen T. Braunheim
William P. Brewster
John J. Brogan
Earnest G. Campbell*
Paul R. Chanin
Norman P. Goldblum
Robert G. Gordon
The Hackney Foundation
J. Ira Harris
Dorothy R. Herrmann*
A. Ralph Hibbard*
Michael A. Howland
Paul R. Ignatius
Henri Keyzer-Andre*
Harry W. Konkel
Lloyd G. LeCain, Jr.
Christopher P. Michel
George D. Milidrag
Emmett A. Pedley*
Kevin P. Shaeffer
Willard B. Snyder
Betty C. Taussig
Joseph K. Taussig III
A. Brast Thomas
Lewis M. Weston
Thomas L. Wilkerson
Gordon L. Williams

Naval Institute Commodores
Arleigh Burke Society

Erna Ericson
Charles W. Godwin*
William W. Gubbins*
Robert E. Hanrahan, Jr.
Mark R. Herrmann*
Clarence G. Leggett*
Rosa Laird McDonald
Edward S. Miller
David A. Moore
Paul X. O'Neill
William R. Porter*
The John J. Schiff Family
Jack C. Taylor
James A. Woodruff, Jr.*
Publisher's Circle
Alfred M. Cady III
John H. Fullmer
David A. Janes
Gustave N. Johansen*
Robert C. McCormack
The Edward M. Polk Family
Earl F. Rippee*
Robert W. Selle
Stephen M. Waters
Everett P. Weaver


Major Donors 2006

The Naval Institute Foundation sincerely appreciates the participation of every single contributor.  In particular, we acknowledge the following benefactors who provided annual gifts of at least $1,000 in 2006.

This list includes supporters belonging to the Foundation's two annual donor societies.  The 1873 Society is for individuals who contribute at least $5,000 within a calendar year.  The Leadership Club is comprised of individuals who donate between $1,000-$4,999.  Their generosity greatly strengthens the Naval Institute's ability to fulfill its educational mission.

$200,000 or more
John J. Schiff Family

$100,000 or more
Charles W. Godwin*

$50,000 or more
Integrated Coast Guard Systems
Tawani Foundation

$25,000 or more
Betty C. Taussig
Otto Haas Charitable Trust

$10,000 or more
Alfred M. Cady III
Arleigh and Linda Dotson
John H. Fullmer
Robert C. McCormack
Rosa L. McDonald
Edward and Joyce Miller
Joseph K. Taussig III
Sandra and Stephen Waters Foundation
Everett P. Weaver
Stephen J. Wilkinson
IBM Corporation
United States Marine, Inc.

$5,000 or more
Joseph F. Callo and Sally McElwreath
Paul X. O'Neill
Thomas L. Wilkerson
Michael M. Wiseman
Paul Bechtner Foundation
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
DRS Technologies
SAFE Boats International

$1,000 or more

David J. McMunn
Angie F. Marshall
Henry T. Mayo
Christopher P. Michel
I. A. Morris
Douglas G. Phillips
John T. Pigott, Jr.
Jason M. Pilalas
Zigmund J. Podell
Thor H. Ramsing
Ruth Ann Raup
William G. Reed
Robert S. Regan
Charles V. Reynolds, Jr.
James A. Roberts
John F. Shipway
Edson W. Spencer
Andrew C. Taylor
Patricia A. Tracey
Stansfield Turner
Cornelius C. Vanderstar
Paolo Vismara
Howard R. Weiss
Richard T. Weiss
E. Andrew Wilde, Jr.
Joe Williams, Jr.
James E. Wise, Jr.
Herman Wouk
1 anonymous donor
Bank of America
Brunswick Commercial &
    Government Products
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.
Exelon Corporation
GGS Information Services
Insurance Solutions
Lincoln County (TN) Government
G. W. Lisk Company
Lockheed Martin
Maersk Line
Naval Academy Class of
    1945 Foundation
Propeller Club of the U.S.

Fred L. Ames
Victor K. Atkins
Elliot A. Baines
Charles J. Beers, Jr.
Robert C. Bellas, Jr.
Frank L. Boushee
Martha J. Bowler
David S. Boyd
Nancy E. Brown
Elizabeth Kauffman Bush
Ben C. Byrnside
Steve M. Cohen
Martin E. Conroy
Robert L. Cox
Russell S. Crenshaw, Jr.
John C. Doherty
Brewster Durkee
Thomas Egan
Roger E. Ekman
William T. Evans
Carl B. Fisher
Barbara S. Fitch
Wayne R. Fritz
Mark P. Frudden
John A. Gardner
John J. Gerard
Norman P. Goldblum
James F. Goodrich
Alan C. Goudy
William V. Grubbs
Kent Halvorsen
Shawn Hansen
Thomas B. Hayward
Bruce H. Hooper
Lawrence B. Hunt
Paul R. Ignatius
Mary Jo Jennings
Ann R. and  Jack B. Joyce
Howard J. Kestenberg
Albert H. Konetzni, Jr.
Harry W. Konkel
Lionel Krisel
Peter J. Lavezzoli
Lloyd G. LeCain
John F. Lehman
Paul G. Linaweaver, Jr.
William R. Loomis, Jr.
Donald C. McGraw
Philip W. McMahan


Foundation Leadership

At the forefront of the Naval Institute Foundation's success is a group of volunteer leaders who offer their time and talents to help the Institute achieve its goals:


Board of Directors
Alfred M. Cady III
Steve M. Cohen
John H. Fullmer
Mark W. Johnson
James M. Loy
Robert C. McCormack
Christopher P. Michel
Matthew F. Schatzle
Patricia A. Tracey
Stephen M. Waters
Thomas L. Wilkerson

For information about opportuntities to participate in the Naval Institute's success, call (410) 295-1057, e-mail [email protected] , or write to the Naval Institute Foundation, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD  21402-5034.  The Naval Institute Foundation, Inc., is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, and gifts to the Foundation are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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