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Our annual International Navies issue is an antidote to the congenital American fixation with our own country to the exclusion of the ideas and opinions of other nations. Each March we open our...


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The Commanders Respond

In June 2006, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen called for a comprehensive revision of the U.S. Maritime Strategy...

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View from the Bridge

The admiral now steering the Coast Guard's troubled Deepwater project concedes mistakes, but says they are being corrected,...

Lest We Forget: Leo Young-Radio Pioneer; VAQ-34

Leo Young—Radio Pioneer

As a young man growing up in the early part of the 20th century, Leo Young had an interest in the new...

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Our annual International Navies issue is an antidote to the congenital American fixation with our own country to the exclusion of the ideas and...

A New Maritime Strategy
Modernize the Coast Guard Now
The Navy Needs a Culture of Fitness
Commanders Respond
Iraqi Navy: Have Sailors Need Ships
India Stretches its Sea Legs
World Navies in Review
Swords and Diplomacy at West 2007
San Francisco Torpedoes JROTC
Over Its Head in Deep Water?
View From the Bridge
New Threats, New Challenges
Book Reviews
World Naval Developments
Naval Institute Foundation
Lest We Forget: Leo Young—Radio Pioneer
Lest We Forget: VAQ-34
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Comment and Discussion

"Military Medicine's Best-Kept Secret: 'West Point for Doctors'"

(See A. Pine, pp. 24-27, February 2007 Proceedings...

India Stretches its Sea Legs

India's development of Mauritian islands to its southwest could substantially expand the reach of its navy.

World Navies in Review

San Francisco Torpedoes JROTC

The 91-year-old program is a casualty of the war in Iraq, deep-seated anti-war views, and the city's pro-gay sentiments....

Over Its Head in Deepwater?

The Coast Guard's multibillion-dollar fleet modernization program blends progress with setbacks and controversy.

Modernize the Coast Guard Now

From Our Archive: Turret of the USS Monitor, 9 July 1862

The path of naval warfare was dramatically changed 145 years ago this month when two ironclad warships faced off in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The...

Swords & Diplomacy at West 2007, Web-Exclusive Reports



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