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The Six-Million-Dollar Man and Bionic Woman may not be far off.

Battlefield Care Update

Like most service members...


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Lest We Forget: The Edge: Gerald R. Ford; VS-37

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Trust Gift Comes to Fruition

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Military Prosthetics: The Next Generation

The Six-Million-Dollar Man and Bionic Woman may not be far off.


FRSS Teams: A Good Idea Whose Time Has Passed

The forward surgical teams made sense during the maneuver phase of the war. Not anymore.

As a surgeon who...

General David Petraeus: Our Old New Man In Iraq

Army Superstar Returns to the Middle East Stage

As Saddam Hussein's forces were collapsing in April 2003, Army...

Should the Navy Do Missile Defense?

If the Navy wants to play a major role in defending against ballistic missiles, it needs to embrace the mission more than it...

We Don't Need Another Academy

Rather than establish a new Chief Petty Officer Academy, the Navy should take a hard look at the high-quality chiefs...

Nothing New? Don't Be Too Sure

President Bush's new strategy for Iraq was fully sliced and diced by analysts and talking heads within 24 hours of his announcing it on 10...

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Combat Fleets

From Our Archive: Gerald Ford on USS Monterey, Summer 1944


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Wed, 2015-05-27

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