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Lest We Forget: Commander Holloway H. Frost, VA-145

Commander Holloway H. Frost

In early 1935, a curious phrase appeared in print. It said, "the U.S. Naval Institute has been...

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Building the Next Nelson
Newly minted ensigns need more than just computer-based training as they join the Fleet.

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Firing On The Up Roll
Message from the CEO
The Coalition of Enlightened States
Crossing Swords: "Let Us Pray"
A Day in the Life: Marines in Ramadi
1,000-Ship Navy and Maritime Strategy
What I Learned in Command at Sea
What’s a SWO Badge Worth?
Building the Next Nelson
A New Era of Realistic, Practical Training
LCS: A Step, Not an End
Extending the Navy’s Shield: Sea-Based Ballistic-Missile Defense
Making the 1,000·Ship Navy a Reality
Nobody Asked Me, But We Must Reconnect with Our Sailors
360-Degree Feeback: Can We Handle the Truth?
Loose Lips Can Still Sink Ships
Fusion is More than Cooperation
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Royal Navy
World Naval Developments
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Naval Institute Foundation
Lest We Forget: Commander Holloway H. Frost
Lest We Forget: VA-145
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The Coalition of Enlightened States

Defeating Islamic radicals will require patience and partnership with other nations, not unilateral action.


What I Learned in Command at Sea

A veteran skipper offers valuable lessons from the bridge.

What's an SWO Badge Worth?

Not too many years ago, the surface warfare community had it right with Destroyer School. It was a victim of its own success....

Extending the Navy's Shield: Sea-Based Ballistic-Missile Defense

The Navy's Aegis fleet plays a key role in the nation's ballistic missile defense network.

Editor's Page

I promised last month to explain why we ran an article on the Senate race in Virginia between Republican incumbent George Allen and Democratic...

Message from the CEO: USNI Operations Center/Generals Highway Update

CEO Letter to Members #1-07
USNI Operations Center/...

Combat Fleets

From Our Archive: WAVE Disembarks USS Missouri

In a scene that foreshadowed by 11 years Marilyn Monroe's cooling subway breeze in The Seven Year Itch, Yeoman Third-Class Betty Martin...


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