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History Repeats Itself

In the lobby of the headquarters of the U.S. Naval Institute is an odd-looking apparatus that resembles the control wheel of an airplane. A trained eye might be...


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Lest We Forget: History Repeats Itself; HS-12

History Repeats Itself

In the lobby of the headquarters of the U.S. Naval Institute is an odd-looking apparatus that resembles the...

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We are most pleased this month to publish an article that is the product of an unusual if not unprecedented collaboration between the leaders of...

Message from the CEO: Letter to Members #1-06 Information Technology Update

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“Aircraft Carriers Are on Their Way Out”

(See S. Turner, pp. 16-18, July 2006 Proceedings)


Another View
Firing on the Up Roll: Can We Fix a Broken System?

For most of our history, the American military has drawn on the strengths of our society for its sustenance. Today, the situation has reversed...

What Happened to Our 99 Shipmates in the USS Scorpion?

It was a miserable day, but the crowd was still giddy with expectation. Unfortunately. 27 May 1968 became one of the most heartrending days in...

America's National Fleet: A Coast Guard-Navy Imperative

The new Commandant of the Coast Guard and the Chief of Naval Operations share their thoughts on the future of the enduring Coast Guard-Navy...

The Three Rs: A New Course for an Old Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard-known for generations as a service stretched too thin-is at a crossroads. The Integrated Deepwater System (the service...

Hamilton’s Enduring Mission

If the U.S. Coast Guard is to continue the service Alexander Hamilton envisioned, it needs to bolster its mission performance by initiating...

Focus on Purple

Given its growing multi-mission requirements, the Coast Guard must prepare officers better to perform in more and more "purple"...

Twilight of a National Capability

An old icebreaker hand laments the Coast Guard's neglect of its polar icebreaker fleet-including the USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10) in...

They Still Look Okay to Me
Too Little, Too Late?

In this excerpt from his new book Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, veteran military correspondent Thomas E. Ricks profiles a...

Where Have All the Shiphandlers Gone?

Few U.S. Navy officers today are capable mariners. The continued neglect of shiphandling skills means that in the future Navy ships such as...

We've Got to Take the Whole Crew!

Our class, designated 82003, reported to the Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport. Rhode Island, in early February 1982 for 16 weeks of...

Modern Relevance of the Defence of Duffer's Drift

"It was our own fault, and our very grave fault, and now we must turn it to use, We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single...

Nobody Asked Me, But...Double the Coast Guard Reserve

The size of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve should be doubled from today's end strength of 8,100 to 16,200 Coast Guardsmen. Established on 19...

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Charting Your Course: CIA: Beyond a New Career

If you enjoyed my last column on black ops, perhaps you're up for something with a bit more commitment—a full-time career with the...



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