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Lest We Forget: Willis "Doc" Lee; VA-65

Willis "Doc" Lee

Notable Naval Books of 2005

An old tradition has been resurrected. For many years, the Naval Review issue included a feature called Notable Naval Books. Together with a...

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Reevaluating Algeria—A New Look for the 21st Century
JFK's Algeria Warning Still Applies
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Future Trouble Spots? The Bolivarian Revolution
Into Africa: A New Frontier in the War on Terror
Islamic Insurgency Run Amok
From Dusk to Dawn
Enhancing Asia-Pacific Sea Power
Arleigh Burke Essay Contest Winners The Fleet: Low Profile Today, Vital Tomorrow
Reading the Signs of Threat Transformation
Relevance: A Necessary Strategy
Notable Naval Books of 2005
An Integrated Battlespace: Riverine Warfare Conference Charts Navy’s New Course
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Lest We Forget
Charting Your Course
The Bolivarian Revolution

The focus on the back door of the United States should be wider ranging than illegal immigration. The banana...

Into Africa: A New Frontier in the War on Terror

Africa, long a haven and training ground for terrorists, has become a priority in the Global War on Terrorism....

Islamic Insurgency Run Amok

Weekly assassinations. Monthly explosive detonations, ambushes, and raids. Radical Islamic propaganda. Terrified civilians. A...

From Dusk to Dawn

The Fleet: Low Profile Today, Vital Tomorrow

Although near-term requirements such as littoral operations may be the current rage, the Navy must keep its eyes on the prize...

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From Our Archive: 1944 Marine on Unexploded Shell

Combat Fleets

Future Trouble Spots?

As the war in Iraq enters its fourth year, U.S. military operations continue in Afghanistan, and Iran regularly rattles its nuclear...


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