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The Commanders Respond

In our November issue, key aides to CNG Admiral Mike Mullen—Vice Admiral John G. Morgan Jr. and Rear Admiral Charles W. Martoglio—...

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Lest We Forget: Ernest E. Evans, VX-8

Ernest E. Evans

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Iraq Withdrawal: A Tragedy in Slow Motion
The QDR: Where Are the Blue-Water Ships?
Back to the Future
A Friendly Enemy
The "Nickel Boat" Keeps Going, and Going…
A Toast to the POW's Host
How Does a Guy Get a Seat at This Table?
Annapolis: The Movie
The Commanders Respond
2005 International Navies Photo Contest Winners
World Navies in Review
Rush-Bagot: An Old Treaty Gets Dusted Off
Whither the Flattops?
Two Plans that Need to Come Together
Preparing for Littoral Battle
A New Model for Strike Group Command and Control
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Let's Send Our Best to Leavenworth
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Oceans: The Southern Ocean - Where the Lands End
World Naval Developments
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Lest We Forget: Ernest E. Evans
Return on Your Investment: The Danger of Confusing Activity with Outcomes
Iraq Withdrawal: A Tragedy in Slow Motion

A veteran Middle East hand offers his view on the impact of a hasty pull-out from Iraq.


The QDR: Where Are the Blue-Water Ships?

A veteran defense journalist takes a critical look at the long-awaited Quadrennial Defense Review just released by the...

World Navies in Review

Finding the Right Mix

Editor's Page

From Our Archive: Brits Con U.S. Troops before D-Day

This photograph looks back to when a 7,000-ship international fleet stood off the coast of Normandy. British sailors conning their LCA...


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