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Martian Alert!

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Enterprise Founder Appointed to the Arleigh Burke Society

Life Member Jack C. Taylor of St. Louis...

Lest We Forget: Rush and Rendernick; HC-16

Rush and Rendernick

Our Lady Queen of Class

Call me a sissy. Call me corny, out-dated, or whatever you think appropriate. But on Saturday, 12 November 2005, I cried. I sat in...

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Name-Calling Debases Honest Debate
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Martian Alert!
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Our Lady Queen of Class
MarSOC: Just Call Them Marines
Nobody Asked Me, But...
On the Ragged Edge: Standing Up the Iraqi Army
Turning ’em Green
Two Towering Figures: The Real Thing
Two Towering Figures: Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski: A Subordinate Reflects
Resurrection of a Liberty Ship
Naval Intelligence Needs a High-Low Mix
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What I Believe: Eight Tenets that Guide My Vision for the 21st Century Navy

Last October I published my Guidance for 2006, in which I laid out a long-term vision for our Navy. I also provided some guiding principles and...

MarSOC: Just Call Them Marines

The commanding general of the controversial new Marine Corps Special Operations Command--seen here in Iraq, greeting...

Turning 'em Green

A world-class military museum with significant hands-on interactivity will open in Quantico next fall.

Nestled on...

Name-Calling Debases Honest Debate

The debate over the war in Iraq has lately occasioned more than the usual share of falsehoods, libels, and incivility that degrade...

Editor's Page

From Our Archive: USS California (ACR-6, May 1908

The armored cruiser USS California (ACR-6) at San Diego, May 1908. This photo and others are...

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