Proceedings Magazine - November 2005 Vol. 132/11/1,233

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Countering global terrorism and providing humanitarian relief for natural disasters is a tall order. It will take many ships and no single...


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Lest We Forget: "The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age"; VMO-2

"The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age"

In 1803, the USS ...

What Would Stephen Decatur Do?

I was in Vietnam in the middle of the North Vietnamese Easter Offensive in the Spring of 1972, and enemy regiments were all around us. Many of...

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The 1,000 Ship Navy: Global Maritime Network

Countering global terrorism and providing humanitarian relief for natural disasters is a...

Future Warfare: The Rise of Hybrid Wars

Remember General Krulak's Three Block War? Are...

Goat-Grab Diplomacy in Iraq

The Small Wars Manual, which largely reflects the Corps' experience in Central America and the...

Semper Recruitus

It takes lots of shoe leather and phone calls to meet the Marine Corps' recruiting goal,...

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This is the annual Marine issue of Proceedings, but in the spirit of Jointness, Managing Editor Mac...

From Our Archive: Marines Report at Monongahela, 1895

Marines report for detail at Monongahela, WV, 15 May 1895, 10 years after the Marine Corps was established....

Combat Fleets

Montford Point Marines

PFCs Willie Kanaday, Eugene Hill, and Joe Alexander—Marines trained at a segregated base—take a...


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