Proceedings Magazine - October 2005 Vol. 132/10/1,232

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Lest We Forget: Points of View; VA-42

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Tell It to the Troops

The Willpower Quotient

The statistical arrows are pointing up. The data clearly show that Iraqi security forces will soon be capable...

Anchoring Sea Enterprise

"If the rate of change on the outside is faster than the rate...

The Principles of War as Paradox


In the...

The Principles of War: Uses and Abuses

Take the Principles with a Pinch of Salt

The biggest challenge for American officers today, says the author, is to understand the...

Editor's Page

I have reverted to type. After 35 years as a newspaperman, the idea that a big story was unfolding and I had...

From Our Archive: Coast Guard at Dauphin Island

The Coast Guard has been instrumental in many homeland emergencies including Dauphin...

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