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Four generations of the late Captain Joseph K. Taussig Jr.'s family were on hand to dedicate the executive suite at Beach Hall to the former Naval Institute head who embodied the mission of our professional association. Throughout his life, Captain Taussig demonstrated physical and moral courage second to none. He challenged the conventional wisdom whenever he found it necessary—always for the good of the sea services. The Taussig Suite contains memorabilia from his remarkable life and career.

In addition, the Captain Joseph K. Taussig Jr. Fund has been established to honor Joe's singular contributions to the sea services by advancing the Naval Institute's educational mission. Tax-deductible gifts in Taussig's name enable the Institute to honor him in a manner fitting one who made so many unique and lasting contributions to the Institute and to the sailors he loved. These resources are used to encourage naval leaders for the betterment of the sailors and Marines in their charge, just as Joe did throughout his life.

To learn more about the Taussig Fund, please contact Foundation COO Bill MacIntosh at (410) 295-1056, or at [email protected] .

Farewell to a Dedicated Supporter

The Naval Institute staff had just learned of the loss of Captain Slade D. Cutter when he surprised us with a donation that arrived by mail shortly after his death. We are humbled and honored that one of the final deeds of this longtime member and friend was to continue his support of the Institute.

In addition to being a frequent benefactor, Slade Cutter participated in the Naval Institute's oral history program, resulting in a two-volume history in which he details his life and career. He is also the subject of a popular 2003 Naval Institute Press book by Carl LaVO, Slade Cutter: Submarine Warrior .

The Naval Institute Foundation is gratefully accepting tax-deductible contributions in memory of Captain Slade Cutter. Gifts may be sent to the Naval Institute Foundation, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402, or donate online .

Support Still Needed for Tom Buell's Oral History

Herewith, a contribution toward expenses of the Oral History of my late fellow author Tom Buell, who was not only my friend, but my prime source for understanding Admiral Raymond Spruance." With these words, Herman Wouk, Naval Institute Golden Life member and famed author of The Winds of War and The Caine Mutiny , became the project's latest sponsor.

Despite this generosity, the Naval Institute still seeks to underwrite the costs of transcribing, footnoting, indexing, and binding Tom Buell's oral history. Contributions of all sizes are appreciated. Those who donate $1,000 or more to the Buell project will be recognized in the history's preface and receive a copy of the handsome bound volume. If you can help by making a tax-deductible gift, please contact Associate Director Sue Sweeney at (410) 295-1054, or at [email protected] .

Annual Giving Is Growing

Our thanks to the following individuals for their generous gifts thus far in 2005:

The 1873 Society (annual giving of $5,000 or greater)
Joseph F. Callo and Sally McElwreath
John H. Fullmer
Robert E. Hanrahan, Jr.
Paul R. Ignatius
Edward and Joyce Miller
Barbara Garrett Nelson, M.D.
P. X. O'Neill
James N. Pritzker
The John J. Schiff Family
Joseph K. Taussig III
Jack C. Taylor
Stephen and Sandra Waters
Everett P. Weaver

For information on the Foundation’s annual and lifetime giving societies , contact Bill MacIntosh at (410) 295-1056 or [email protected] .

Articles on technology and innovation are made possible in part by a grant from Battelle Memorial Institute.

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