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Lest We Forget: Richard Wainwright; Atlanta (CL-104/IX-304)

Richard Wainwright

On the night of 15 February 1898, USS Maine inexplicably exploded and sank to the bottom of Havana Harbor...


"Do's and Don'ts" for the New Flag Aide

Sixteen junior officers assembled at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in May 2004 to prepare for the challenging demands and intense scrutiny of...

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Lessons from 60 Years Ago
Editor's Page
Comment and Discussion
Mobilizing a Nation
Sudden Victory
First into Tokyo
A Mission of Higher Classification

In the waning months of World War II, U.S. Sailors and Coast Guardsmen trained Soviet naval personnel in the handling of vessels scheduled for...

Al Jazeera Get Used to It, It’s Not going Away
On Its Own: The Iraqi Navy in 2005
Smarter Security for Smaller Budgets
"Do's and Don'ts for the New Flag Aide"
A Coast Guard for the 21 st Century
A Transformed Coast Guard Bridges the Civil-Military Divide
Coast Guard Changes into. . . What?
The Technology Trap
The Late Great Lou Wilson
Always Leading and Always Will
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Combat Correspondents: Reporters in Uniform
Protect the Force: Create a Navy Security Force Officer Corps
Risky Business: Assessing the Surface-to-Air Threat to Helicopters
We Should Transform the Military Staff Corps
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U.S. Navy
An Officer Who Bucked the System
World Naval Developments
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Naval Institute Foundation
Lest We Forget: Richard Wainwright
Lest We Forget: Atlanta CL-104/IX-304
Charting Your Course
Mobilizing a Nation

Sudden Victory

Al Jazeera: Get Used to It, It's Not Going Away

From the hot tarmac of Doha international airport, the 104-degree heat, clinging humidity, and dusty skyline make the...

On Its Own: The Iraqi Navy in 2005

The Iraqi Navy, probably because of its size, has taken the lead in self-sufficiency. Its core is formed around these five 28-...

Smarter Security for Smaller Budgets

What will the shape of tomorrow's Navy and Coast Guard maritime security ship look like? Will it be the littoral combat ship?...

Editor's Page

Sixty years ago, on 6 August 1945, a B-29 nicknamed the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later,...

From Our Archive

A U.S. Coast Guard PBY takes off in answer to an emergency call, U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Miami, Florida (September 1945).

This and...

Combat Fleets

HMAS Armidale, the first of twelve Armidale-class patrol boats officially entered Royal Australian Navy service in June. The...


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