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Choosing from a wide array of high-visibility educational opportunities, Boeing has signed on as an executive sponsor for the Institute’s 10th Annual Warfare Exposition and Symposium , as a corporate sponsor of the Gulf Coast Military Expo , and as a patron sponsor of Forum 2005 . The Naval Institute produces the Gulf Coast and Forum events in conjunction with the Marine Corps Association. Again in 2005, Boeing will be the sole underwriter of the Institute’s Joint Warfighting Essay Contest and will provide gratis Naval History subscriptions to NJROTC and NROTC units in cities in which it operates.
The Naval Institute is immeasurably strengthened by all of its generous corporate partnerships. Our special thanks to Boeing for setting the bar for 2005.

Call to Support Frank Kelso and John Coughlin
Oral Histories

In the coming months, historian Paul Stillwell will continue his work on the oral histories of Admiral Frank B. Kelso II and Rear Admiral John T. Coughlin. Your tax-deductible gift to the Naval Institute Foundation will help to complete these projects.

Submariner Frank Kelso commanded Sixth Fleet in the mid-1980s during the Achille Lauro hijacking and subsequent strikes on Libya. He became Chief of Naval Operations in 1990, forced to juggle the necessities of the first Gulf War even as the Navy was drawing down after the Cold War. He discusses such wide-ranging issues as Total Quality Leadership, the Navy Doctrine Command, the reorganization of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Tailhook incident and reminisces about two prominent naval leaders with whom he worked closely, Admirals Hyman Rickover and Isaac Kidd.

John Coughlin is one of the few interviewees in the Naval Institute’s collection with a long career in patrol plane aviation. He discusses the evolution of land-based patrol planes and his experiences providing training as equipment was modernized. Among other tours of duty, he was navigator of the amphibious assault ship Princeton (LPH-5) during combat operations off Vietnam, served as commandant of the 12th Naval District in San Francisco in the 1970s, and headed Navy administration in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Coughlin provides valuable descriptions of patrol plane deployments and airborne antisubmarine techniques during the Cold War.

Financial support of these and other oral histories helps to underwrite the production and the transcribing, footnoting, and compiling of annotated indexes. Donations of all sizes are welcome, and donors of $1,000 or more will be recognized in the history’s preface and receive a copy of the handsome bound volume. Gifts may be sent to the Naval Institute Foundation, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402. Please specify which project you wish to sponsor, or to learn of other projects in need of support, please call Associate Director Sue Sweeney at (410) 295-1054, or contact her at [email protected] .

With Your Help, the Great White Fleet Can Sail On

On 16 December 1907, 16 white-hulled battleships weighed anchor, departing Hampton Roads, Virginia, on a triumphant cruise around the world. President Theodore Roosevelt conceived the cruise as an impressive display of U.S. naval strength and relished the excitement generated both at home and abroad. The journey lasted 14 months and included as ports-of-call Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Manila, Yokohama, and Port Said.

Hundreds of images from the Great White Fleet’s odyssey are among the nearly 450,000 photographs held by the Naval Institute and in need of preservation. The archives staff is scanning images of U.S. Navy vessels and proceeding with a new project to make specially selected and processed high-end images available through the Internet. You can help by sending your tax-deductible gift via check, Visa, or MasterCard—specifying it is for the photo archives—to the Naval Institute Foundation, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402, or by making a gift online .

Articles on technology and innovation are made possible in part by a grant from Battelle Memorial Institute.

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