Proceedings Magazine - July 2004 Vol. 130/7/1,217

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Lest We Forget: Marvin Shields, VAW-110

Marvin Shields

The Navy’s construction battalions, or “SeaBees,” are virtual miracle workers when it comes to...

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Strike Role Threatens Sea Control
World Naval Developments
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I Remember President Reagan
Military Is in Bad Good Bad Shape
LCS Parts from the Past to Meet Today’s Needs
Modular Mission Packages
Open Architecture
How to Find a Career after Military Service
Time for a Military Space Service
Opportunities Lost
Space Based Weapons
Helicopters Will Provide Close Air Support
Nothing is So Strong as Gentleness
Red Aegis
Reviews of the U.S. Army white Paper, "Serving a Nation at War— A Campaign Quality Army with Joint and Expeditionary Capabilities."
A War Crime by Any Other Name
Professional Notes
Pilots Deserve Better Chutes
Rise Gentlemen! He Served on Samar!
The Submarine Ethos Runs Deep
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash
Nobody Asked Me, But...
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U.S. Navy
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Naval Institute Foundation
The Bracelet
Lest We Forget
Charting Your Course
LCS Parts from the Past to Meet Today's Needs
How to Find a Career after Military Service

A job-search campaign after leaving the military is likely to seem fraught with more peril, heartache, and hardships than...

Military Is in Bad Good Bad Shape

Not long ago, the U.S. military was in terrible shape. How do we know? Because people now in high places said so.

Modular Mission Packages
Open Architecture
Editor's Page

Time flies. It has been 20 years since the Naval Institute Press published its first novel—The...

From Our Archive: Reagan Gives VA Cabinet Rank


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